Tuned 808 Bass Drum Rack For Ableton Live

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AfroDJMac is back this week with something for Synthtopia readers – an 808 rack for Ableton Live:

This week I have a rack that is made from an 808 Kick drum sample. It allows you to play the 808 bass drum as a pitched instrument, so that it stays in tune with your tracks. It can also be used for bass lines, and, at higher octaves, makes a nice electric keyboard type instrument.

In the video I go over how I made it, so that you can apply the technique to any sample, and then I dissect the individual components of the Ableton rack. Thanks for your support and enjoy!

Not sure what’s up with the vocal mic audio on the video this week – AfroDJMac may have taken our “less discussion and more percussion” rant too literally.

Anyway – you can get the details and the download at the AfroDJMac site. And, if you like what’s he’s doing with his weekly Ableton Live downloads – don’t forget to let him know.

808 State – Cubik (Free Music Download)

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Free Music Friday: 808 State has a freebie for you – the 21st anniversary remix of Cubik.

You can preview it above and download it from the index page of their site.

And, yes, they want your email address…….

Why are they celebrating the 21st anniversary? Did somebody forget the special day last year and end up in the doghouse or something?

Retronyms Tabletop Turns iPad Into Modular Virtual Studio

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iPad Music Software: Retronyms has introduced Tabletop – a new virtual studio that turns an iPad into an expandable modular music environment, where you can mix and match different devices.

More than a dozen devices are available, including samplers, mixers, effects and sequencers. Tabletop lets you patch together the virtual gear to create beats, compose songs or perform live.


  • 15 unique Devices at launch
  • 300 sounds (multisample instruments, loops, phrases)
  • Record sequences, arrange into songs
  • Adjustable quantization (pre- and post-record)
  • Recordable parameter automation
  • Overdub and replace record modes
  • Trigger sequences and patterns live
  • Multitouch instruments and devices
  • Sampling (internal mic, line in)
  • Adjustable tempo
  • Import your own sound library, save presets
  • Support for imported .mid phrases
  • Insert and send/return (master) effects
  • Undo history
  • 44Khz, studio-quality audio
  • Sync 2 iPads running Tabletop or other apps with WIST
  • Import sounds from dozens of apps with AudioPaste

Note: Tabletop comes with a basic set of modular devices, which will be expandable via in-app purchases.

Included devices:

  • Gridlok: Pad Sampler
  • M8RX: Tone Matrix
  • RS3: Polyphonic Stereo Keyboard
  • Mr. O: Master Output
  • Goblin MX8: 8-Channel Mixer
  • Spinback: Turntable Player
  • Recorder M2: All-Purpose Input Recorder
  • Filtr LP: Low-Pass Filter Effect
  • T101 – Triggerator: Sequence and Perform

Tabletop is an interesting concept for an iPad app – taking the idea of Propellerhead Reason and re-imagining it for multitouch computers.

Check out the details and demos below and let us know what you think of Retronyms Tabletop!

Tabletop is available now for $4.99.

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Astro Cat In Space, On An 808

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This post is a complete waste of your time, isn’t even about something new and features the happy synth pop tune Popcorn, a relentless earworm.

This means that if you view this video you will have Astro Cat’s image burned into your mind, along with the relentlessly jaunty switched-on melody.

And you’ll be wondering, “WHY AN 808?”

You have been warned.

via Lookatthis

Rob Papen Demos His Punch Virtual Drum Machine (Sneak Preview)

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At the 2011 NAMM Show, Rob Papen announced a new virtual drum machine, Punch.

Punch combines drum synthesis with sample support to create a best-of-both-worlds percussion instrument.

In this sneak preview, Rob Papen himself walks you through the capabilities of Punch.

Pricing is expected to be around £104.

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Mikrosonic RD3 Groovebox For Android

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Mikrosonic RD3 is a new groovebox app for Android phones. It combines a 303-style synthesizer and a drum machine with different drum kits.


  • realtime step sequencing
  • realtime processing synth
  • high quality filter mode for powerful devices
  • multitouch control
  • drum machine with 8 drum kits
  • 4 patterns per instrument
  • 3 play modes: solo, loop or random
  • load/save sessions
  • cut/copy/paste pattern

RD3 sells for €3.49.
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Xenon Groove Synthesizer For iPhone/iPod touch

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iPhone Music Software: Icegear has introduced Xenon (App Store link) Groove Synthesizer for iPhone/iPod touch.

Xenon is a hybrid groove workstation that features a polyphonic hybrid synthesizer, 2 x VA monophonic synthesizers, polyphonic PCM synthesizer, rhythm machine, sequencer and a mixer.

It sells for $5.99.

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