A Beginners Guide To Audiobus

This video, via thesoundtestroom, offers an unofficial ‘Beginners Guide To Audiobus’.

AudioBus is a tool and standard for routing audio between applications on IOS. For more info on AudioBus, see What Is Audiobus & How Will It Change Mobile Music Making?.

Which Apps Should Add AudioBus Support Next?

Yesterday, developers announced the AudioBus release date, Dec 10th, along with a list of  apps that have been updated to be compatible with the audio routing system.

The developers also announced that they are ready to choose the next 25 companies to work with – and the apps that will get AudioBus support:

We’ll be starting a limited second wave of Audiobus apps – limited so we can rapidly respond to any potential remaining issues – by giving another 25 developers access to the SDK. These developers will be selected from the list of developers who have expressed interest in acquiring access to the SDK – currently that’s a list more than 700 entries strong.

What apps do you want to see get AudioBus support?

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AudioBus Coming On Monday Dec 10 – Here Are The Details

Audiobus – a new system for routing audio between audio applications on iOS – will launch on Monday, December 10th 2012. It will cost 9.99 US$ and will be available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on iOS 5.0 and later.

Supported apps at launch:

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Audiobus Teaser – ‘This Just Worked’

Audiobus update: ‘This just worked”.

Audiobus – a system for routing audio between iOS apps – has been approved by Apple, and is now in testing with an initial round of developers. This is so there will be apps to use with it with when it is released.

Apps officially supporting Audiobus now includes:

  • SoundPrism Pro
  • Loopy
  • NLog Synth Pro
  • Animoog
  • Funkbox
  • BeatMaker 2

See our Audibus interviews for more details.

App list via reader Tim Webb.

What Is Audiobus & How Will It Change Mobile Music Making?

Audiobus has been one of the most talked about new music technologies since it was announced earlier in this year.

One of the key limitations for music apps on iOS has been the challenges of working with audio from multiple music apps ‘in the box’. Audiobus – a new option for routing live audio on iOS – promises to change that.

Since the initial Audiobus announcement, there’s been debate over whether iOS 6 would derail the project, skepticism that it would get approved by Apple and confusion about what it is. Even now that Audiobus has been approved by Apple, there’s still confusion over how it will work and what it means for iOS music making.

To address this, we talked with developer Sebastian Dittmann and beta user Tim Webb.

Audiobus: The Developer’s View

Sebastian Dittmann is one of the founders of Audanika, the creator of SoundPrism Pro. Audiobus is a joint venture between Dittmann and Michael Tyson of A Tasty Pixel, creator of the iOS looping app Loopy.

We asked Dittmann about Audiobus, how it came about and how he sees it fitting into the future of mobile music making.

Synthtopia: To start off, Sebastian, what is Audiobus? What is your vision for Audiobus and how it will be used?

Sebastian Dittmann: Audiobus is a standalone app and an API for other developers to include in their own apps. Audiobus allows live audio streaming between apps, providing for the ability to use apps together like modules in a studio.

It’s the virtual ‘cabling’ that ties everything together.

We envision a whole new way of making music, bringing together the work of many different developers. We also envision a whole new class of music apps that provide audio processing capabilities to other apps.

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Audiobus Is About To Make Audio On iOS A Lot More Interesting

AudiobusDevelopers Audanika and A Tasty Pixel have announced a new project, Audiobus, that promises to make audio on iOS a lot more interesting.

One of the key limitations for iOS has been the difficulty of working with audio from multiple music apps ‘in the box’. Audiobus, described as a ‘virtual mixing board and FX processor for iOS’, could help address that.

Here’s what the developers have to say about Audiobus:

Audiobus is a local (and network) communications channel for sending live audio, like the audible output of a synthesizer app, or the output of a guitar amp effects app, for example.

More than that, Audiobus is also a multi-track recorder and content creation platfom, allowing you to record and mix the output of several apps all at once, and then publish the result.

At this point, Audiobus is underdevelopment. But, it’s being spearheaded by the same people that helped drive the rapid development of MIDI collaboration with iOS – so this could get interesting fast.

Audiobus is ‘coming soon’. See the Audiob.us site for details.

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