KORG Intros Kaossilator 2S Portable Synthesizer Adds Live Integration

Korg_Kaossilator_2S2015 NAMM Show: Korg has introduced the Kaossilator 2S – a redesigned portable version of its portable synth

Korg’s Kaossilator 2S offers unlimited undo/redo functionality and the ability to export multi-track audio data for immediate use in Ableton Live (via a generated .als file).

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Sonic Faction Debuts Archetype Ableton Live Instrument Bundle

Today Sonic Faction has come out with a massive new offering for Live users – the Archetype Ableton Bundle, a collection of 8 custom-designed instruments for Ableton Live 9 Suite.

The Archetype Bundle’s eight instruments (Beatdown, Sickness, Evilfish, Hatchet, Clone, Pulsator, Whoosh Machine and Rogue-One) run the gamut of vintage and modern instruments, which are manipulated and controlled with Archetype’s creative controls and interfaces.

Archetype also includes 2 Max for Live step sequencers, Synth and Drum, to use with Push, APC40 and Launchpad, to take hands-on control of your sound.
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Akai Professional Intros Advance Keyboard Series


2015 NAMM Show Preview: Akai Professional today introduced a new line of control keyboards, the Advance Keyboard series, that’s designed to provide deep integration with virtual instruments.

Available in 25-, 49-, and 61-key sizes, the Advance 25, Advance 49, and Advance 61 let you load, play and control your virtual instrument plugins directly from their keyboard.

According to the company, the Advance Keyboard series has been designed “to fuse the power of software instruments with the live playability of a keyboard workstation,” transforming the use of computer-based plugins into an entirely hands-on playing experience.

Here’s the official intro video: Continue reading

Launch Buttons For Android & iOS App Like A Virtual Launchpad

launch-buttonsDeveloper Alexander Nowak has introduced Launch Buttons for Android & iOS, a MIDI control app for Ableton Live that’s like a virtual Launchpad.

Launch Buttons works with Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and lets you use your mobile device as a Live controller.

Here’s a video demo: Continue reading

Live improvisation With iPad, Tupperware & Ableton Push

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Perplex On, captures a live home studio improvisation with an iPad using the drumsynth Impaktor (with the help of ‘pimped Tupperware’), Ableton Push, Reaktor’s Serenade controlled by a Leap Motion Sensor and an induction coil for recording some electromegnatic noise.

Technical details:

  • iPad connected to an Akai EIE for Midi and Audio In/Out,
  • generic Tupperware pimped with piezo feeding the Impaktor app,
  • illuminated by Arduino-driven RGB-LED-Stripes responsive to the frequency/volume,
  • Leap Motion controlling the Reaktor Patch “Serenade” (the tiny stick is just for the show)
  • Ableton Push doing Ableton Push things


  • 00:05: Recording some electromagnetic fields with an induction coil
  • 00:40: Playing around with POLYRHYTHMUS, an awesome Max4Live sequencer (Link: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/2431/polyrhythmus-a-modular-euclidean-rhythm-builder)
  • 01:30: Leap Motion controlling the Reaktor patch Serenade, a virtual string synth
  • 02:32: Drumming with Impaktor for iPad, fed by an external piezo mounted in Tupperware
  • 05:20: Recording and mangling some strings in Samplr
  • 09:00: Glitching the drums coming from Impaktor with Turnado
  • 09:25: Recording some vocal pads