xMonsta Pull Lets You Edit Ableton Devices From Your iPad


Xmonsta has introduced Pull, a new touchscreen device editor for Ableton Live 9.

Built in Max For Live and based on the Lemur iPad app, Pull is a designed to be a fast and efficient workflow tool for sound designers, producers and mixing/mastering engineers.

Pull allows you to edit full-screen versions of every Ableton Live device (over 60 Lemur templates) directly from your iPad. It follows any device that is currently selected and displays a large, multi-touch template on the iPad for editing.

Here’s a video demo of Pull in action: Continue reading

Live Sampling Improvisation, Raw & Uncut

Sunday Synth Jam: The following video captures a raw and uncut live improvisation, via Tyler of Perplex On, with an iPad running Samplr, a toy music box, Ableton Push, NI Maschine and a Leap Motion Sensor. Continue reading

Using Ableton Push With Hardware Synths

This set of videos takes a look at using the new Ableton Push MIDI controller with hardware synths.

In the videos, Ableton Product Specialist Jesse Abayomi demonstrates calling up presets, polyphony, after-touch and a some other functions that Push can perform with a variety of synths. Continue reading

One Ring To Rule Them All: Hot Hand Wirelessly Controls MIDI

Source Audio have released the Hot Hand USB Wireless MIDI Controller, a wireless (duh) motion-sensing ring and USB stick receiver.

The Hot Hand USB is gives the musician a new method of dynamic control of DAWs or in live-performance software like Ableton Live, Traktor, Reason, Serato DJ, and Logic/MainStage. It bypasses the knobs and faders of the traditional controller, allowing users to manipulate software parameters, on three axes, with wireless motion control. The Hot Hand also integrates with DAW controllers like Ableton Push, Livid Instruments’ Base, or Native Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol S2/S4.

How does it work? Continue reading

Mutant Synth Pack Channels Iconic Synths

Today Sonic Faction debuted their new Mutant Synth Pack, a collection of classic synthesizers for Ableton Live. The pack features meticulously sampled iconic synths, reactivated from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The bundle includes new 3 instruments:

  • The Clone, based on the classic Roland SH-101
  • Puls8or, sampled from the notorious Waldorf Pulse+
  • and Rouge-One, modeled after the legendary Sequential Circuits PRO-ONE.

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Ableton Push Stripped Bare


This video, via THORtronic, explores the inner workings of the Ableton Push MIDI controller:

Summary (Googlish):

Zbynek peeks into the bowels of Ableton Push.
How is made??? It can be easily repaired? How is the quality of production?
Everything in this video!

Original Czech:

Zbyn?k se koukne do útrob Ableton Push.
Jak je vyrobený? Dá se snadno opravit? Jak je na tom s kvalitou výroby?
To vše v tomto videu!

Let us know if you see any surprises!

via reader dJcybersonique