Dark Synth Brings Additive Synthesis To Ableton Live + Max4Live


Amazing Noises has released Dark Synth, a new Max for Live synthesizer that marries the vast possibilities of additive synthesis with an intuitive interface.

With Dark Synth’s 2048 independently-controllable partials (sine wave oscillators) it’s possible to create everything from classic waveforms such as sawtooth and square, to complex custom waveshapes. But this is only the beginning – with direct access to each partial, you can take total control of your sound.

Here’s a video introduction to Dark Synth: Continue reading

3 Ways To Use A Hardware Synthesizer In Ableton Live

In this video, DJ Tech Tool’s Mad Zach shares his thoughts on three ways of working with a MIDI-conntected hardware synthesizer in an Ableton Live production environment.

“Experimenting on a synth leads to sounds that sometimes seem wildly unique,” says Mad Zach. “Recording yourself and the progression of playing around with the patches and manipulating the synth gives you a great palette to pull from. Having the session in audio format also allows for additional types of manipulation which are not possible with just MIDI.” Continue reading

touchAble Mini Turns Your iPhone & iPod Touch Into Full-On Ableton Live Controller

AppBC has released touchAble Mini, an iPhone/iPod touch version of the touchAble Ableton Live controller app for iPad.

touchAble Mini has been shrunk down to fit the size of the screens found on the iPhone and iPod touch, and some elements such as the Main menu have been specially redesigned to provide a quick access to all the functionalities provided in the pocket version.

Combined with its integration in Live, its six different modules (Clips, Mixer, Devices, Keys, Pads, XY Pad) and a MDI Clip Editor, touchAble Mini covers every control element of Live’s session view in a compact interface. Continue reading