Meet Limor Fried – Creator Of The Roland TB-303 Clone x0xb0x

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Make Magazine talks to Limor Fried, the creator of the Roland TB-303 clone x0xb0x, in the latest Make: Shorts:

Limor Fried is the founder and engineer behind Adafruit Industries which makes electronics kits that teach soldering, tinkering, and technology exploration.

One of their projects, the Tweet-a-Watt, is a wireless modification to a common off-the-shelf home energy monitor, the Kill-a-Watt. The Tweet-a-Watt not only monitors your energy consumption, it sends the information to Twitter so you can track it online, which reveals usage trends over time. Besides selling a Tweet-a-Watt kit, Adafruit has also put the open source plans online for all to freely build and share, creating a network of makers watching their usage and swapping energy-saving tips.

While the focus is on the Tweet-a-Watt, it’s still an interesting introduction to Fried and her approach to electronics DIY.

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How To Draw A Working Modular Synth Controller

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This video demonstrates how to draw a working modular synthesizer controller, using a modified adafruit Drawdio with a Blacet/Metalbox/Wiard/Cynthia Frac format modular synthesizer system.

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The Definitive Roland TB-303 vs x0xb0x Bassline Synthesizer Shootout

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This is a slightly obsessive shootout between the classic Roland TB-303 Computer Controlled Bassline Synthesizer and the Adafruit x0xb0x synthesizer.

For some, the x0xb0x is cheaper, more reliable and more powerful. For others, the x0xb0x is close but not close enough to replace the TB-303.

Would it matter in a mix?

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Inside Adafruit Industries, Makers Of The x0xb0x Synthesizer

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Rocketboom Tech correspondent Ellie Rountree visits engineer and founder of Adafruit Industries, Limor Fried, to talk about their DIY open source electronic kits.

Limor Fried is the creator of the x0xb0x, an open source TB303 bassline synthesizer clone.