AIR Updates Instrument Expansion Pack With Pro Tools 11, AAX Support

AIR_instrument_expansion_packFollowing the recent launch of Avid Pro Tools 11, AIR Music Technology has released an updated and expanded AIR Instrument Expansion Pack. The new Instrument Expansion Pack offers compatibility with the latest Pro Tools AAX format, and includes two of AIR’s latest virtual instruments, Loom and Vacuum Pro, at no additional cost.

The AIR Instrument Expansion Pack contains:

  • Hybrid 2.0 — High Definition Analog Synth
  • Velvet 2.0 — Vintage Electric Piano Instrument
  • Structure 2.0 — Sampler Instrument Workstation
  • Strike 2.0 — Ultimate Virtual Drummer Instrument
  • Transfuser 2.0 — Interactive Melodic & Rhythmic Groove Creation Instrument
  • Loom 1.0.1 — Modular Additive Synthesizer (NEW)
  • Vacuum Pro 1.0.1 — Polyphonic Analogue Tube Synthesizer (NEW)

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Air Music Technology Updates Ignite For Akai, Alesis & M-Audio Controllers

axiom-igniteAIR Music Technology has released Version 1.2 of their recently introduced Ignite music creation software. Ignite v1.2 adds over a dozen features and enhancements, while offering compatibility with a growing list of controllers from Alesis, AKAI professional, and M-Audio.

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AIR Intros Loom Modular Additive Synthesizer


At the 2013 NAMM ShowAIR Music Technology introduced Loom Modular Additive Synthesizer. Using a modular approach, Loom is designed to make additive synthesis both powerful and easy to control.

Loom provides 30 sound modules, each with a distinct function—moving filter, octaver, repeater, second tone, etc. Up to 10 of these modules can be connected in a string. Spectral modulation, extensive envelope control, and multiple LFOs add deep control.

In addition to ‘knobs’ offering sound, dynamic, modulation, and effect control, the Smart Morph Page opens up the extensive morphing capabilities of the Loom additive sound engine and effects. Four assignable quadrants on an X-Y display provide flexible morphing control.

Custom morphing paths can be plotted using points and segments. These morphing paths can then be automated, placed under MIDI control, and even synced to the tempo of the host program, creating a morphing pattern that takes 8 or 16 bars to complete.

Loom Modular Additive Synthesizer will be compatible with 32- or 64- bit Mac or Windows systems, and support AAX, VST, AU, and RTAS formats. Pricing is TBA.

Vacuum Pro Polyphonic ‘Tube Synth’ Introduced At 2013 NAMM Show


At the 2013 NAMM Show, AIR Music Technology introduced Vacuum Pro Polyphonic Analog Tube Synthesizer.

Vacuum Pro is described as a ‘polyphonic analog tube synthesizer’. It descends from the original monophonic Vacuum, developed by AIR as part of the Pro Tools Creative Collection from Avid.

The new Vacuum Pro is polyphonic, offering up to 160 oscillators plus substantial improvements in both horsepower and features.  Continue reading

AIR Music Ignite (Sneak Preview)

YouTube Preview Image

2012 Summer NAMM Show: This video, via soundonsoundvideo, features A.I.R. Music Technology product manager Samara Winterfeld introducing Ignite.

Ignite is described as ‘music ideation and creation software’, designed to let you build songs in an organic fashion. Ignite 1.0 is focused specifically on the keyboardist’s workflow.

Beginning in Q3 of 2012, all M-Audio keyboard controllers will ship with Ignite included, and other brands in the inMusic family will include Ignite with select products. This initial product release will be followed by a number of scheduled releases designed to address the complete music creation process.