Jean-Michel Jarre’s ‘Electronica 1’ Traces 60 Years Of Electronic Music


Jean-Michel Jarre today released his first album in eight years, Electronica 1: The Time Machine.

The album is the first half of a double-album of collaborations with other electronic music artists, with the second half set for release the spring of 2016.

The project was conceived with Jarre’s desire to explore the history of electronic music in his lifetime, with the participation of electronic music artists of different generations.

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Air & RjDj Spread The Reactive Music Love Just In Time For Valentines Day

Air-Blog-ArtworkJust in time for Valentines Day, RJDJ has partnered with the French music duo Air to launch a new application, Love by Air (App Store link) that creates reactive music, based on their single Love.

Air, made up of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel, worked with RJDJ to create five, real-time “soundscapes” that enable fans to listen to Love in a new way, as an exclusive app only version.

The app offers five reactive music remixes for Love:

  • Chanter – puts your voice in the music, letting you sing, speak or add your own sounds into the mix
  • Harmonie – vocodes sounds in realtime and makes them harmonise with the music
  • Papillon – samples tiny segments of sounds and creates audio butterflies from them, flying around inside the music
  • Voler – creates a rising texture of sound by sampling reality and layering / filtering them with the music
  • Voyage – takes you on a musical journey through all of the soundscapes

The RJDJ Air App is now available in the Apple App Store for $1.99.

Lie Down And Relax To Air’s “Do The Joy”

This video has been done to be seen in the “Videobox”, an installation initiated by Thomas Israël and Jacques Urbanska.

This installation is a box of 1 m by 2 m, the lid is a projection screen. The viewer is alone, lying down and watching the screen above him (less than a meter). The sound system surrounds the viewer.

“Videobox” will be presented at various festivals.

“Videobox” info :

Directed by Hugo Arcier. 2009
Music : Air “do the joy”
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Inside Air’s Atlas Studio

YouTube Preview Image

Saturday Synth Porn: Inside Air‘s Atlas studio in Paris.

French duo Air recently built their own studio and stuffed it full of very sexy vintage synthesizers. They give the Guardian a private tour and talk about their new album, Love 2.

Note the stack of cases with labels like theremin, EMS Vocoder, MPC 2000 & LinnDrum. And the Memotron and the Korg MS-20 and the Solina String Synthesizer…..

via TheGuardian, DVDBorn

Brian Eno’s New iPhone App “Like Music For Airports Made Endless”

brian-eno-iphone-app-airAir (App Store link) is a new generative audio-visual work that’s “like Music for Airports made endless,” according to ambient pioneer Brian Eno, “Which is how I always wanted it to be.”

The iPhone music app was created by musician / software designer Peter Chilvers and Irish vocalist Sandra O’Neill. Based on concepts developed by Brian Eno, with whom Chilvers created Bloom, Air assembles vocal and piano samples into an ever changing composition, which will be familiar, but never the same.

Brian Eno’s Air

Air features four “Conduct” modes, which let the user control the composition by tapping different areas on the display, and three “Listen” modes, which provide a choice of arrangement.

For those fortunate enough to have access to multiple iPhones and speakers, an option has been provided to spread the composition over several players. Recommended for headphones and external speakers.

At $1.99, Air was a instant purchase at Synthtopia.

If you give it a try, let me know what you think of it!