Sonic Faction Debuts Archetype Ableton Live Instrument Bundle

Today Sonic Faction has come out with a massive new offering for Live users – the Archetype Ableton Bundle, a collection of 8 custom-designed instruments for Ableton Live 9 Suite.

The Archetype Bundle’s eight instruments (Beatdown, Sickness, Evilfish, Hatchet, Clone, Pulsator, Whoosh Machine and Rogue-One) run the gamut of vintage and modern instruments, which are manipulated and controlled with Archetype’s creative controls and interfaces.

Archetype also includes 2 Max for Live step sequencers, Synth and Drum, to use with Push, APC40 and Launchpad, to take hands-on control of your sound.
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Novation Debuts Max For Live ‘Launchsync’ Solution

Novation_Launchsync_with_devicesToday Novation announced the release of Launchsync, a Max For Live solution for synchronizing controllers when working in “an expansive session view” in Ableton Live.

Created in partnership with Isotonik Studios, Novation’s Launchsync solution synchronizes the user’s Launch devices, allowing them to bank both controllers together around session view. In this way, the user can keep the devices locked to the same tracks.
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Ableton Live 9 Workshop In San Francisco

Wanting to catch a glimpse of the new Ableton Live 9 in person?

Ableton Certified Instructor Timo Preece is hosting an Ableton Live Workshop next Saturday, November 17, in San Francisco, using Live 9.

Preece will cover songwriting and production workflow in the first portion of the workshop. In the second half, DJ/songwriter Liam Shy will be demoing Live Performance/DJ’ing and Live Remixing, using the Akai APC 40.

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Mellotron + Jaymonis’ Hip-hop Dubstep

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: Mellotron (Benjamin Clark) lays down beats and keys and Jaymonis (Jameson Hammonds) provides the vocals in their live ‘hip-hop dubstep’ performance”:

I use hardware and software synths to make music and my friend Jaymonis provides vocals. We thought the readers of Synthtopia may find this video of our jam out last night enjoyable.

I’m using an Akai APC 40 for controlling loops and effects in Ableton, some hardware synths for some live improvising, and a vocoder that is used in the chorus of the second song.

Love the site! Cheers.

Some nice use of live electronics here – but filming live performances from across the room, like this, sucks a lot of energy out of them.

Get a couple of buddies to video you with their smartphones, next time, and have one right up in your face and one over your shoulder.  Check out this music video shot on an iPhone 4, if you’re skeptical about what you can do with cheap gear.