Akai iMPC Pro 1.5 Promises MIDI Learn, Ableton Link & More

Developer Retronyms released this sneak preview of Akai iMPC Pro, promising MIDI Learn, Ableton Link support and more.

Here’s what’s new in iMPC Pro version 1.5:

  • MIDI Learn so you can map your controller more easily.
  • Slice Loop Auto mode, which automatically detects all transient markers.
  • Improvements to MPC Desktop Export. You can now export slice loops as patch phrases, among other things.
  • Latest version of the Ableton Link SDK.
  • Latest version of AudioCopy (3.2), which improves workflow.
  • Bonus feature: Bit-Crusher in the pad effects, which has a digital distortion effect on your sounds, adding some crunch and fuzz.

They’ve also announced a new Public Beta Program, which allows users to participate in pre-release testing of iMPC Pro. Contact support@retronyms.com if you’re interested in applying as a Beta Tester.

iMPC Pro 1.5 is expected to be in review with Apple in the next week.

Akai iMPC Turns Your iPad Into An MPC

Akai iMPC iPad MPC

Akai Professional and Retronyms have introduced iMPC – a new Music Production Center app for the iPad.

Here’s what they have to say about iMPC:

Turn your iPad into an MPC. With more than 1,200 samples, 50 editable programs, 80 editable sequences, and iconic MPC workflow, iMPC is the first app to bring all the functionality of a classic Akai Pro MPC to your iPad.

iMPC includes everything you need to create a beat quickly and easily, including built-in effects, plus the ability to create new sequences and record and overdub beats. Time correction from 1/8 note to 1/32T with variable swing, and Note Repeat from 1/8 note to 1/32T with latch control are also built in.

The app’s built-in sampler can record samples three different ways: using the mic on the iPad, using the line input on the iPad, or using the multi-touch turntable interface in iMPC to record samples directly from iTunes or other music libraries.

Here are the details:

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