Updated APC Controllers Now Available


Akai Professional has announced that it’s now shipping three new APC controllers:

  • the flagship APC40 mkII (above);
  • the APC Key 25 with integrated keyboard, and
  • the compact APC mini.

“We are excited to announce the availability of the APC40 mkII, APC Key 25, and APC mini,” says Akai Professional Product Manager Dan Gill. According to Gill, the new controllers incorporate feedback from users of their existing APC20 & APC40 controllers and include the most commonly requested features.

Here is an overview of the new APC controllers: Continue reading

Akai Pro Ships Four New MPK MIDI Keyboard Controllers


Akai Professional is now shipping four new MPK keyboard MIDI Controllers:

  • The 25 ­key MPK225 (above)
  • the 49 ­key MPK249
  • the 61 ­key MPK261, and
  • the ultra­portable MPK mini mkII.

According to Akai Professional Product Manager Dan Gill, “The new MPK series is huge leap forward–improving on the previous series, with more capability, more features, and industry ­leading software.” Continue reading

iMPC Pro 1.1 Offers Bug Fixes, New Features

Retronyms and Akai have submitted an update for iMPC Pro to Apple. iMPC Pro version 1.1 includes several bug and performance fixes, plus adds a sound delete option.

This video offers a sneak preview of the changes in the new version.  Continue reading

Rhythm Wolf Analog Drum Machine Spotted In The Wild

The Akai Pro Rhythm Wolf Analog Drum Machine was one of the biggest stories coming out of this year’s Musikmesse. The new drum machine promised analog synthesis, MPC style drum pads, tons of tweakability and a killer $199 price.

The only catch? It wasn’t ready to demo at Musikmesse.

Now that’s changed.

Here’s the first video of the Rhythm Wolf drum machine in action. It’s not an official ‘polished’ demo video – it’s just 7:48 of uncut analog drum machine action. Continue reading