Addictive microSynth Gets AKAI SynthStation 25 Support

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VirSyn has updated Addictive microSynth, a software synth for iOS, adding support for the AKAI SynthStation 25.

With Version 1.1 you can use the AKAI SynthStation 25 as a hardware controller. Use the hardware buttons for scrolling through presets and arpeggios, operating the Arpeggiator and ‘rolling the dice’ to get new patterns with Addictive microSynth’s arpeggiator.

Addictive microSynth is available in the App Store.

SunrizerXS Synthesizer Updated With SynthStation Support

Sunrizer SynthStation25

Developer BleepStreet has updated SunrizerXS, their software synth for iOS, to add support for the Akai SynthStation25.

Sunrizer is a fairly deep synth, featuring SuperSaw emulation, two independent multi-mode filters per voice, mod-wheel morphing between sounds, a programmable arpeggiator and effects.

The update adds a lot of value to both the Akai SynthStation25 and SunrizerXS. If you’re a SynthStation25 owner, the update means that you’ve effectively got a new synth keyboard for $3.

If you’ve used the combo, let us know what you think of it!

iOS Sampler, Sir Sampleton, Gets MIDI Support

iOS sampler sir sampleton

Developer Paul Slocum has updated Sir Sampleton – a sampling keyboard for iOS – adding support for the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer.

Slocum also notes that CoreMIDI support is ‘coming soon’, along with a multi-timbral mode.  Continue reading

10 Apps That Support The SynthStation25

Akai Synthstation25 iPhone MIDI Controller

Here’s a list of apps that currently support the Akai SynthStation 25:

  1. kinetic – Erik Sigth
  2. 50in1 Piano – Alexander Gross
  3. Sinusoid – Erik Sigth
  4. iVoxel – VirSyn
  5. NanoStudio – Blip Interactive Ltd
  6. NLog MIDI Synth – tempo rubato
  7. SynthStation – Akai Professional
  8. Music Studio – Alexander Gross
  9. Fairlight – Fairlight Instruments Pty Ltd
  10. Fairlight Pro – Fairlight Instruments Pty Ltd
via IOSMusician, who’s trying to keep a current list of compatible apps.

Akai Synthstation25 Review – Is This The Future Of iPhone Music Making?

Akai Synthstation25 iPhone MIDI Controller

At the 2010 NAMM Show, Akai Professional introduced their concept for the Synthstation25 as an early prototype. Even as a prototype, though, the Synthstation25 interested a lot of musicians that had already made the jump to using iPhones and iPod Touches as musical tools.

The Synthstation25 is basically a $100 MIDI controller with a built-in dock for an iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s compatible with the original iPhone, iPhone 3G & iPhone 3GS; it’s also compatible with the 1st gen to 3rd gen iPod Touch.

Now that it is out and has support with several apps, we thought we’d take a look at the Synthstation25 and try to get a perspective on what it means for musicians now and what it may mean for the future of mobile devices as music platforms. Continue reading

NanoStudio Update Adds Akai SynthStation 25 Support

iPhone Music Software: Blip Interactive has updated its iPhone music app NanoStudio, adding support for the Akai SynthStation25 MIDI controller, and the update is now available in iTunes.

Here’s what’s new in the update:

  • Support for Akai SynthStation 25 MIDI controller
  • Song/metronome monitor during sample record
  • Improved sample interpolation quality

The addition of SynthStation 25 support could be a killer update for some users.

If you’re a NanoStudio user, leave a comment with your thoughts on the update!

Continue reading

Akai Pro SynthStation25 Keyboard Controller Overview

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iPhone Music Software: This official Akai video takes a look at the $99 Akai Pro SynthStation25 Keyboard Controller.

See our previous Akai Synthstation25 coverage for more details.