AlphaSphere me MIDI Controller An Inexpensive Option For Polyphonic Aftertouch

alphasphere-me-closeupNuDesine has announced an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the production of its new AlphaSphere me MIDI controller.

Like the company’s earlier AlphaSphere nexus and AphaSphere elite MIDI controllers, the AlphaSphere me features pressure-sensitive control pads, placed in a hexagonal arrangement on a sphere.

The AlphaShere is designed to be much more affordable, though, with prices starting at US $166 to backers. The lower cost is achieved by making it smaller, simpler to manufacture and using 32 pads, vs the original’s 48 pads.

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nu desine Intros Entry-Level AlphaSphere me

AlphaSphere-menu desine has announced the AlphaSphere me – a new entry level member of their family of tactile spherical MIDI controllers.

The AlphaSphere controllers feature pressure and velocity sensitive pads, arranged with a hexagonal layout that can adapt to a variety of note arrangements.

The AlphaSphere me is more affordable, at £149/$225/€190, than its larger siblings in the AlphaSphere line. While the larger controllers feature 48 pads, the AlphaSphere me has 32. Continue reading

Understanding The AlphaSphere

Why is it spherical? Why not just use a keyboard?

These are the first questions a lot of musicians have when they see the AlphaSphere MIDI controller. Nu Desine has released a series of videos that look at the these questions, exploring the design ideas underlying the AlphaSphere and how the new instrument works with DAWs and synths.

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Video: Understanding the AlphaSphere

Adam Place, inventor of the Nu Desine AlphaSphere, gives a broad overview of the features of the MIDI controller, and answers some frequently asked questions:

  • What can [one] do with an AlphaSphere?
  • Why wouldn’t [one] just use a keyboard?
  • Why is it spherical?

This short demo is the first video in the company’s tutorial series – Understanding the AlphaSphere.  The tutorial series will be diving into depth with the presets which are available with the AlphaSphere demo project which comes with the device as default.

The next set of videos will act as a guide for setting up the AlphaSphere with AlphaLive as a multichannel MIDI controller and connecting to your DAW. Later demo videos are planned to explore presets 1 to 5 in the demo project and some of the possibilities for mapping multichannel notational arrangements around the sphere.

For more information, check out the Alpha Sphere website, and the Alpha Sphere channel on YouTube.