Amazing Machines Volcano Adds MIDI Output To The KORG Volca Series

products_volcano_coming_soonAmazing Machines has announced the Volcano Interface – a DIY mod that turns any KORG Volca into a MIDI Sequencer.

The Volcano Interface also lets you record MIDI Parameter Automation directly from any KORG Volca to an External MIDI Sequencer or DAW.

Pricing and availability for the Volcano are to be announced.

Amazing Machines Intros NastyMono Feedback Controller & I/O Adapter For The Korg Mono Series

Amazing Machines has introduced the NastyMono Feedback Controller and I/O Adapter for the Korg Mono series of analog synths.


  • Stereo 3.5mm I/O cables
  • Mono 1/4″ Auxiliary Input
  • Mono 1/4″ Audio Output
  • Feedback Attenuator for Optimal Control over the Feedback Path
  • Fixed Passive Low Pass Filter to clean up the Feedback Path
  • Passive Device, no batteries or PSU needed

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Amazing Machines Releases MIDITRIBE I/O, Adds MIDI IN & OUT To Korg Monotribe

Amazing Machines has officially released the MIDITRIBE I/O – a mod for the Korg Monotribe that adds MIDI In and MIDI Out.

Here’s what’s new in the MIDITRIBE I/O, vs their earlier MIDITribe mods:

  • MIDI OUT functionality (Outputs MIDI Clock / The Synth Part works as an arpeggiator running at 1/16, which responds to pitch information recorded in each of the internal sequencer’s 16 steps for controlling external synths on MIDI Channel 1 / The Rhythm Part sends trigger information to MIDI Channel 10)
  • Control external synths using the Ribbon Controller for Note ON / OFF, Volume Controller – CC 7 and Gate Time
  • Send Continuous Controllers 1, 16, 80, 81, 82 and 83 to MIDI OUT Channel 1
  • Couples as a MIDI Clock to Sync Pulse or Sync Pulse to MIDI Clock converter using the MONOTRIBE’s built-in Sync I/O
  • Added the best MIDI (Female DIN5) connectors available on the market
  • Added a Manufactured PCB

MIDITRIBE I/O is pre-assembled and no soldering is required for installation.

See the Amazing Machines’ site for full details.

Amazing Machines MIDITRIBE I/O For Korg Monotribe (Teaser)

Miditribe io midi in out

Amazing Machines sent us this teaser image for the Miditribe I/O, a new mod for the Korg Monotribe that will add both MIDI IN and MIDI Out.

Amazing Machines says that installation of the MIDITRIBE I/O takes about 5 min, it is pre-assembled, no soldering, just plug and play.

The Miditribe I/O is expected to ship next week and sell for US $64.00 via the Amazing Machines site.

Korg MonoTribe With MidiTribe Mod

YouTube Preview Image

This is a demo video, via iDesignSound, of a Korg MonoTribe with the Amazing Machines MidiTribe mod:

Quick video of me testing a MonoTribe template that I made for TB MIDI Stuff. Using the Amazing Machines MidiTribe MIDI Mod.

The MidiTribe mod, as you might guess, adds MIDI control to the Korg Monotribe.

See the Amazing Machines site for details.