How to Build A Custom MIDI Controller

In the video below, controllerist Moldover explains, step-by-step, the evolution, design, and building of his custom Mojo MIDI controller:

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BallBeats Tangible Sequencer vs The Amen Break

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Here’s another look at the Alkex Instruments BallBeats tangible music sequencer, sequencing slices of the Amen Break.


  • 8 Step Sequencer
  • 6 Multimode Channels
  • Built in USB i/o interface
  • Sync to Midi Timecode
  • Includes 50 1/2? Steel Balls
  • Compact size (6?x8?x1?)

BallBeats is priced at $199. See the Alkex site for details.

Amen Break iPhone App

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Alexander Smith has released an Amen Break iPhone App, a sample playback instrument that lets you manipulate the Amen Break – the most famously sampled drum break in history – by touch and motion.

Not the most useful app we’ve seen – but if you strapped a couple of these to a Mopho DJ setup, things might get interesting.

It’s $.99 in the App Store.

How To Edit Beats

Brian Trifon demonstrates some of Trifonic’s techniques for chopping up a beat loop, creating stutter edits, and making glitch effects. Continue reading