IK Multimedia Intros AmpliTube 4 for Mac and PC

IK Multimedia has upgraded AmpliTube, their guitar and bass effects plug-in for Mac and PC, to version 4. The new version offers an advanced speaker cabinet section, new speaker modelling, five new British amplifiers, a new acoustic simulator pedal, an additional “effects loop” slot between the preamp and power amp sections, a built-in 8-track DAW, a tuner, a looper section, and more.
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IK Multimedia Releases UltraTuner for iOS

IK_Multimedia_UltraTunerIK Multimedia has announced UltraTuner, the digital chromatic instrument-tuner app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

UltraTuner is available as stand-alone app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, or as an in-app purchase within AmpliTube for iPhone and iPad (in all versions).

IK Multimedia touts the UltraTuner app as one of the “fastest, smoothest and most responsive tuning engines” among tuner apps. The tuner is precise to below a hundredth of a cent (beyond human perception of pitch), more accurate than a mechanical strobe tuner. The UltraTuner’s accurate pitch detection happens via a proprietary dual-analysis processing engine which allows the tuner a more accurate reading of the frequency of the incoming note. UltraTuner’s precision also allows for easier intonation of string instruments like guitar or bass, and offers note precision down to less than .01 (1/100th) of a cent, useful for calibrating electronic instruments like vintage synthesizers.

UltraTuner offers two basic modes of operation: Stage and Studio. Stage mode features a simple interface that is easy to see in low-light conditions. Studio mode provides pitch tracking, to monitor changes in pitch over time, or as a proprietary oscilloscope wave form display.

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AmpliTube 3 Update Adds Studio DAW

amplitube-iphone-dawIK Multimedia
has released a new version of AmpliTube, adding a multi-track Studio to the app.

Version 3 of AmpliTube adds a multi-track Studio, with timeline audio editing and new gear models. Now you can use AmpliTube to compose and record complete songs on an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Key Features:

  • a full guitar/bass rig;
  • a multi-track recorder with effects;
  • a new timeline audio editing suite for arranging, editing, mixing and mastering;
  • a built-in programmable drummer;
  • professional export features for sharing creations with the world;
  • work simultaneously with other audio apps.

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AmpliTube, Addictive Synth, EPS Get AudioBus Updates

audiobus-amplitubeSeveral music apps have been updated to add AudioBus support:

MIDI Control In AmpliTube 2.5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

YouTube Preview Image

AmpliTube 2.5 is a major upgrade for AmpliTube, a guitar amp and FX app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It now also includes full MIDI control and Digital Audio in and out.

MIDI control

Now you can control AmpliTube 2.5 remotely using an iOS compatible MIDI interface, like iRig MIDI, a standard foot controller or any other MIDI controller. This lets you:

  • Send preset up and down commands
  • Assign presets to switches or other controls, and
  • Control any amp or FX parameter with the learn function

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