The New Sound Of Music – A View Of Electronic Music From 1979

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The New Sound of Music is a vintage BBC documentary (1979) that looks at the development of recorded music, from the first barrel organs, pianolas, the phonograph, the magnetic tape recorder on to the concepts of musique concrete and electronic music.

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MacBeth Micromac-r Makes “One Hell Of A Lot Of Sound”

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Here’s another sneak preview, via Ken MacBeth, of the upcoming Micromac-r synthesizer.

“This is the first test that I have done of the micromac-r synthesizer since this test example came back from the assembly plant,” says MacBeth. “All is good! It’s working perfectly! One hell of a lot of sound come from a very micro sized unit!”

Check it out and let us know what you think!

The Analog Session – Ascension

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a propulsive improvised synth jam, Ascension, by Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky, aka The Analog Session:

“Ascension” is the first of 4 video-clips resulting from a session held at Robotnick’s studio in April 2012. A couple of cuts were made to bring the original 20 minute session down to a 10 minute video. No adjustment to the music was made in post-production.

The parts played by Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky are totally improvised, with the exception of the central break and the theme of ascending notes that gives the title to the track. These two were previously agreed upon by the two musicians. The rhythmic part and the bass line were written on the sequencer in the modular synth operated by Ludus Pinsky. Some other sequencer lines derive from the main bass line.

The computer appearing in the video was used to record the performance on 24 tracks.

The video was shot by three standing cameras. The shots made by the mobile camera were mainly used to fill in the cuts.

“Ascension” is part of The Analog Session’s forth-coming album, scheduled for release in November 2012 by Hot Elephant Music.

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Arturia MiniBrute Synthesizer Demonstration

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This video, via DV247TV, takes a look at the new Arturia MiniBrute analog synthesizer.

The MiniBrute features a multimode Steiner-Parker filter, VCO with waveform mixer, arpeggiatior, MIDI, CV, USB connectivity and a 100% analogue signal path. Arturia also introduces some new features such as the Metalizer and Brute Factor to further add some shape to your sound.

Arturia MiniBrute Synthesizer Review

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The new Arturia Minibrute synthesizer is the subject of this video review, via sonicstate. Nick gives the Minibrute the full workout and calls it ‘a winner’.

For more info, see Marc Doty’s video intro to the Minibrute synthesizer and details at the Arturia site.

The Minibrute is available now for $549/£429.

If you’ve tried the Arturia Minibrute, let us know what you think of it!

LektroiD’s Hearts Of Space

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a space music style synth jam, LektroiD’s Hearts of Space, that brings together sequenced modular synthesizer, keyboard synths, theremin and more.

You can download the full version via LektroiD’s Bandcamp page.

via Brainstormer2302

The Pittsburgh Modular ADSR Envelope Generator

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Pittsburgh Modular has introduced a Eurorack ADSR  – a four stage envelope generator with independently adjustable Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release stages.

Module Controls:

  • A Pot – Attack Stage Control
  • D Pot – Decy Stage Control
  • S Pot – Sustain Stage Control
  • R Pot – Release Stage Control
  • I Jack – Input Jack
  • Range Switch – Adjust the range of the stage controls.
  • O Jack – Output Jack
The Pittsburgh Modular ADSR is expected to start shipping next week. See the PM site for details.