Getting Started With MLRV, A Free Grid-Based Sample Instrument

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Free Music Software: This video, via lividTV, takes a look at getting started with MLRV – a free grid-based sample instrument – with the Livid Block or Ohm64.

It’s also compatible with the monome, Novation Launchpad and other controllers.

If you’re not familiar with MLRV, here’s the official summary:

mlrv is a sampling instrument for grid-based music contollers like the monome, livid ohm/block, novation launchpad, and akai apc/mpd. the software allows a sound file or live recording to be mapped across each row and assigned a triggering behavior. within this simple set of constraints and a complete MIDI + OSC remote control system, the performer of electronic music can be freed from the laptop, and at the very least appear to be doing something interesting. mlrv is an refactoring of brian crabtree’s original mlr, extended by trent gill (galapagoose) and michael felix (%) of /parallelogram/e

You can download MLRV here.

touchAble Ableton Live Controller X/Y Pad Preview

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This is a preview of the new X/Y Pad in touchAble 1.2, an upcoming release of the iPad Ableton Live control surface.

touchAble is an iPad app designed to give Ableton Live users full control over their digital audio workstation, without the process of manual midi-mapping.

TouchAble XY Pad is a new 6th module, included in touchAble 1.2 update among many new features and improvements. Others modules are Clips grid, Mixer, Devices, Keys, Pads, and a transport and clip dedicated sections. Continue reading

Kapture Pad For Ableton Live, Technology From Richie Hawtin’s Latest Plastikman Tour, Now Available

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Liine has released Kapture Pad, a $5.99 app for iPhone and iPad that lets you take snapshots of your Ableton Live set and recall them at will.

Kapture Pad extends Ableton Live’s capabilities by allowing you to take snapshots of all mixer and device parameters in your set and recall them instantly. The inclusion of snapshot morphing makes Kapture Pad not only a live performance utility but also a sound design tool. Kapture Pad is based on software originally created for Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman Live show. Continue reading

Edit Ableton Live Clips On The iPad With Griid Cliip Module

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This is a preview of Cliip, a new module for Liine Griid that allows you to create and edit MIDI clips with your fingertips using an elegant touch-enabled piano roll:

Cliip makes editing MIDI clips a truly live, musical experience. The piano roll is now an instrument too. Paint notes onto the smooth zoomable grid. Use intuitive multitouch gestures to edit note length and velocity – no need to LEARN it, just FEEL it. Snap/Fine and Percussive/Melodic modes and the powerful Duplicate function will help you unleash your creativity. Use in the studio to effortlessly create that killer hook or get personal with your audience and truly create music in front of them.

The Cliip module is initially available only when running on iPad. Cliip will run on iPhone and iPod Touch too in the next update.

Details at the Liine site.

If you’ve tried out Griid, let us know what you think of it!

How To DJ With Ableton Live And An iPad Running touchAble

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Here’s a basic video tutorial on creating a hybrid DJ setup, using touchAble for iPad (App Store link) with Ableton Live.

Details below.

If you’re running a similar hybrid DJ rig – leave a comment and let us know about your setup! Continue reading

Nerd Revolt’s Doppelgänger

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After the last Nerd Revolt video got such a warm welcome from Synthtopia readers, we thought we’d tempt fate by featuring their latest music video  – Doppelgänger (2010), a live minimal synth jam.

Any love for the Virus-loving Nerds this time around? Continue reading

4 iPads Let You Make Music, Star Trek Style

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iPad Music Software: If you’re one of those people with four iPads stacked up in a corner gathering dust, this video may offer a bit of inspiration.

In the video, touchAble team and sound designer/composer Arnaud Bertrand uses touchAble on 4 iPads – looking a bit Star Trek – to control Ableton Live 8.

touchAble (App Store link) is an iPad app that lets you control Ableton Live 8 using multitouch gestures.