Apple GarageBand For iOS Update Moves It Into Ableton Live Territory


Apple today announced a major update to GarageBand for iOS that introduces multiple new features, including Live Loops, automation curves, 32 simultaneous track recording, Audio Unit support and polyphonic aftertouch.

Live Loops seems to take some inspiration from Ableton Live’s Session View – bringing grid-based loop sequencing to GarageBand: Continue reading

Korg Module Review

Korg recently introduced Module – a sound module app for iPad that offers ‘bread and butter’ keyboard sounds, including piano, electric piano and organ.

This video, via John Mike, is a review of Korg Module that takes a look at using it in live performance. Mike also demonstrates how to record Module into GarageBand on the iPad.   Continue reading

ION Audio Guitar Apprentice

YouTube Preview Image

At the 2012 NAMM Show, Ion introduced Guitar Apprentice, a full-scale, electric-guitar-style controller that transforms iPad into multi-touch guitar. Is it déjà vu?

Guitar Apprentice is Core MIDI compatible – so it should work with dozens of iPad music apps, including GarageBand.


  • Full-scale guitar body with strap pegs
  • Fitted iPad holder with 30-pin dock connector
  • Lighted fretboard and free guitar-teaching app* teach you basic guitar skills
  • App includes built-in effects: distortion, reverb, flanger delay and more*
  • Built-in speaker with volume control — play anywhere!
  • Access to iPad headphone input for silent practice
  • Works with GarageBand and dozens of popular iPad apps
  • Core MIDI-compliant
Pricing and availability are to be announced. See the Ion site for details.

GarageBand ’11 First Look

Apple today introduced an update to its suite of personal media tools, iLife ’11.

Included in iLife ’11 is GarageBand ’11. Here are the highlights:

GarageBand ’11

  • Flex time – lets you stretch or shorten recorded audio, interactively.
  • Groove  Matching – “a spell checker for bad rhythm” – select one track and the rhythm of other tracks is aligned to it.
  • More guitar amps and effects
  • New piano & guitar tutorials
  • “How did I play” tool that injects a bit of Guitar Hero fun into practicing

Interesting fact: Steve Jobs noted that GarageBand now has 5 million users, making it the most popular DAW, by far.

If you’re a GarageBand user, leave a comment with your thoughts on the update! Continue reading

Is Ableton Live The Best DAW In The World?

ableton-liveIs Ableton Live the best digital audio workstation in the world?

Based on the current results of Synthtopia’s 2010 DAW reader poll, Ableton Live is the world’s favorite, by a healthy margin.

Here’s the current top 10:

Top 10 DAWs:

    1. Ableton Live – 31%
    2. Apple Logic – 19%
    3. Steinberg Cubase – 9%
    4. FL Studio – 9%
    5. Cockos Reaper – 6%
    6. Propellerhead Reason + Record – 5%
    7. Avid Pro Tools – 4%
    8. Cakewalk Sonar – 3%
    9. Apple Garageband – 3%
    10. Other – 2%

    This is based on 695 votes, as of 3/23/10.

    Synthtopia reaches over 250,000 electronic musicians each month, so this poll is based on a broad sample of people interested in digital audio.

    If you haven’t weighed in yet, though, please do so. The more input we get on this, the more accurate and meaningful the results are likely to be!

      The Top 10 Music Applications In The World


      Digital Music Doctor has updated its chart of the top digital music apps, based on recent Internet search activity on Google, Yahoo, AOL & MSN.

      Here’s how they rank:

      The Top 10 Music Applications

      1. DigiDesign Pro Tools (11.4)
      2. FL Studio (10.1)
      3. Steinberg Cubase (7.3)
      4. Cakewalk Sonar (6.0)
      5. Apple Logic (3.5)
      6. Adobe Audition (3.5)
      7. Apple GarageBand (3.1)
      8. Sony Sound Forge (2.3)
      9. Ableton Live (2.0)
      10. MOTU Digital Performer (1.9)

      Do you think this is an accurate reflection of the most popular music applications in the world – or do you think it’s just a sign that you’re going to be seeing a lot more posts about Pro Tools at Synthtopia?

      Leave a comment with your thoughts!

      via hypebot