New Arduino Synth, Synthino (Sneak Preview)


Synthino is a new Arduino-based synthesizer, a collaboration between two Minneapolis-based DIY kit makers (nootropic & GetLoFi) and members of TC Maker, a non-profit Minnesota based organization focused on growing the maker community.

The Synthino is designed to be powerful, compact, low-cost and hacker-friendly. Continue reading

Kitchen Items + Robotics + Arduino Control = The Percussion Kitchen


Reader Devin Curry teamed up with Ben Gullard to create the Percussion Kitchen, an electronic rhythm instrument based on kitchen items – along with robotics and Arduino control.

The duo set out to create something whimsical and fun to play.

They started with a variety of kitchen items, ranging from a cheese grater to tupperware. The created a cutting board controller, using Sanwa arcade buttons. An Arduino Uno is used as the ‘brain’ to control solenoids that ‘play’ the kitchen items.

Here’s a demo video of the Percussion Kitchen in action: Continue reading

Touch Board Lets You Create Projects That Turn Touch Into Sound


Touch Board is a DIY toolkit designed for letting you use the world around you as a sensor.

Touch Board lets you connect anything conductive to one of its 12 electrodes and trigger a sound via its onboard MP3 player, play a MIDI note or do anything else that you might do with an Arduino or Arduino-compatible device.

It’s being developed via a Kickstarter project that is already fully funded. Here’s a video intro: Continue reading

RB1robotto Puts A ‘Voltage Controlled Singer’ Into Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

rb1-robotto-eurorack-moduleDavide Mancini’s new company Soundmachines has introduced the RB1robotto - a voltage controlled ‘voice-oscillator’, built around the Babblebot chip and an Arduino microcontroller. Mancini describes RB1robotto as a ‘voltage controlled singer’, a source of pitched vowels and more.

Here’s what Mancini has to say about the RB1robotto:

You control the voice of the robotto with your well known CV sources. Pitch and Gate are the usual dishes, accompanied by vowel and consonant control. Each of those are playable also by hand, and there is a manual gate too, ORed with the jack input.

But there is more.

Flip the board, before tightening the screws, and you can see a six pin connector that could open the product to many other uses. We chose to play with the Arduino platform and in the end we would like YOU to play with it too.

Just buy a 5 bucks usb/serial adapter and download the Arduino 1.0 IDE. The platform is based on the soundgin/babblebot ic, a well known speech and sound synthesis platform. The RB1 is a little toy to play with waveforms, modulations, other than vowels and consonants. Up to three complex oscillators with many inter-mod capabilities.

Here’s a demo of the RB1robotto in action: Continue reading