Is This ARP 2600 Clone, The TTSH, The Coolest Synth DIY Project Ever?


The Two Thousand Six Hundred, or TTSH for short, is a new DIY synth project, inspired by the classic ARP 2600 semi-modular analog synthesizer.

The TTSH is now available as a kit for 4000 SEK (about US $600), containing PCBs and the powder-coated and screen-printed front panel. This is an advanced DIY project – nothing is pre-built and no electronic components are included. Builders will have to source their own parts, which is detailed at the project site. A case is also available.

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If Hitchcock Hired Raymond Scott To Score A Dream Sequence….

Saturday Synth Porn: If Alfred Hitchcock hired Raymond Scott to score a dream sequence… might sound something like this.

In this video, Kip Kubin demonstrates patching his ARP 2600 synthesizer.

ARP 2600 Patch Tutorial

Saturday Synth Porn: Here’s a loving look at the ARP 2600 synthesizer and a quick demo of creating a new patch, via Kip Kubin.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

I wanted to make a “thank you” patch for the creators of the ARP2600 Alan Pearlman and Dennis Colin . The idea was simple, just use the ARP and try to create a new tone and Rhythm not typical of a standard sequence from the clocked output of the S/H generator.

I did cheat and use TipTop Audio stackable patch cables.

I hope they like the patch.