Korg Unveils ARP Odyssey Analog Synthesizer


2015 NAMM Show: In conjunction with ARP Instruments, Korg  has revived the legendary analog synthesizer, the ARP Odyssey.

Originally produced in 1972, the ARP Odyssey was updated with several improvements throughout its history and was manufactured until 1981, due to economic hardships and the rise of cheap polyphonic digital keyboards.

The new Korg Odyssey has a compact body, highly operable sliders, and a 37 note slim keyboard. In addition, a new ‘DRIVE’ switch is provided and connectors include MIDI and headphone output as well as Patch cables have been added.

According to the company, “Korg has brought back the ARP Odyssey for today, while preserving the basic design of the original”. Continue reading

GForce Intros Oddity 2, Transports ARP Odyssey ‘Into A New Dimension’


GForce has announced Oddity2, a major update to their modeled version of the classic ARP Odyssey synthesizer, manufactured between 1972 and 1981.

According to GForce, Oddity2 “transports the spirit of the original into a new dimension.” Continue reading

User Poll – What ARP Odyssey Should Korg Make?

Korg successfully blew some people’s minds yesterday by announcing that it was going to build a new version of the ARP Odyssey, promising that it was going to be “a faithful recreation of the legendary 1970s analog synthesizer.”

After that settled in, though – people familiar with the ARP Odyssey started wondering which version of the legendary 1970’s analog synthesizer Korg plans to faithfully recreate:

  • Odyssey Mk I (1972 – 1975) – The white-faced Odysseys used a 2-pole voltage-controlled filter (VCF) design similar to old Oberheim SEM modules.
  • Odyssey Mk II (1975 and 1978) – The main differences in the Mk II are the addition of CV/Gate control, a new black and gold color scheme, and a 4-pole VCF modeled after the classic Moog filter.
  • Odyssey Mk III (1978 to 1981) The Mk III featured a new 4-pole filter design; and an orange and black color scheme.

With all these versions – what do you think the ideal Korg ARP Odyssey would be? Continue reading

Korg Is Bringing Back The ARP Odyssey


Korg announced today that it is working on a faithful recreation of the legendary 1970s analog synthesiser, the ARP Odyssey. Korg’s ARP Odyssey is being developed for release later in 2014.

The original ARP Odyssey, above, was released in 1972 by ARP Instruments, Inc. It was a staple for many recording and performing musicians for years. And, with slight updates and improvements, it was sold through to 1981. Continue reading