The Producers (Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson, Lol Créme, Ash Soan) Do Two Tribes Live

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Off Topic: The Producers – a producer ‘supergroup’ that features Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson, Lol Créme, Ash Soan – do their version of Two Tribes.

The Producers’ Made In Basing Street is out on June 25.

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Proof That 80s Music Videos Really Weren’t That Awesome

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I’m old enough to have fond memories of MTV and even sometimes find myself thinking that music videos used to be pretty cool back in the day.

And then there’s this craptacle of a music video for Art Of Noise’s Moments In Love, which centers on creepy dudes in fetishwear, ice skating and a cute kid with a talking turtle that’s really freakin’ scary.

Yes – a freaky talking turtle.

After watching this, you can throw out your chillout mix CDs, because you’re going to be trying to get busy and the image of a freaky talking turtle is going to haunt your mind.

Moments In Love is vintage make-out music, a classic example of the Fairlight CMI in action and has aged pretty well. The video, not so much.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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The PPG Wave 2 Synthesizer

This set of videos, via 12bitrec, demonstrates the PPG Wave 2 digital synthesizer.

The PPG Wave 2 was a digital + analog synthesizer created by Wolfgang Palm, of the German company Palm Products Gmbh. The PPG Wave combines digital waveforms with analog filters and VCA’s, creating a “warmer” sound than was then possible with digital synthesis.

Three versions of the PPG Wave 2 were produced:

  • Wave 2: 1981-82
  • Wave: 2.2 1982-84
  • Wave 2.3: 1984-87

Waldorf has released a virtual version of the PPG Wave 2, PPG Wave 2.v Classic Wavetable Synthesizer.

The PPG Wave 2 was used by Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Gary Numan, Art Of Noise, Thomas Dolby and Ultravox. Continue reading