Get Arturia Minimoog V For Free!

Arturia has announced that it will be giving away a special version of Minimoog-V on June 21st Only.

Arturia’s agreement with Moog Music to sell a Moog-branded virtual instrument is ending, so they’re going to update and rename Moog Modular V and Minimoog V as Modular V and Mini-V.

The free version of Minimoog-V Original offers 1,000 presets and features from the latest Minimoog- V update (Version 2.5), but without the additional functionality accessible behind the ‘hinged’ front panel — just like the original Minimoog.

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Arturia Minimoog V 2.5 Now 64-bit Compatible

Arturia Minimoog V

Arturia has released a major update to its virtual take on the Minimoog synthesizer, the Minimoog V.

Here’s what’s new in Minimoog V 2.5:

  • Support for 64-bit VST and Audio Unit
  • Support for Pro Tools 9
  • MIDI Control Assignment Improvement
  • Update of toolbar look and feel
  • Added support for NRPN MIDI controls
  • Added triangle LFO waveform

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Arturia Minimoog V Gets Dedicated iPad MIDI Controller

iMinimoogV iPad

iControlMidiDesign has introduced a dedicated iPad MIDI controller for the Arturia Minimoog V, iMinimoogV:

Leveraging 2 years of experience in designing GUI for control surface and 25+ years of experience in designing synthesizers sounds, we are bringing the best of those experiences to the iPad with iControlMIDI for Arturia MinimoogV, namely iMinimoogV.

The world needs more experienced GUI designers, don’t you think? Especially with guitars getting app stores!

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Arturia Minimoog V Sounds

YouTube Preview Image

Kid Nepro has introduced the Arturia Minimoog V Collection, a new patch library for the Arturia Minimoog software synthesizer:

Kid Nepro purchased his first original Minimoog back in the mid 80’s and has been using them ever since. We still have one in our studio which continues to get lots of use when we are looking for that certain sound – that only the Moog can provide. So for us, programming a Minimoog is like riding a bicycle – you never forget how to do it! The collection of sounds that we have programmed for the Arturia V collection is done with expert care from someone who knows the Minimoog very well – so you can be sure that the sounds are well crafted and sound great.

The Minimoog V patch library is available for download for $25.