Analog Vs Virtual Analog Smackdown: Arturia Prophet V & SCI Prophet 5

How closely can today’s virtual analog synths come to matching classic analog synths?

You can be the judge, with this analog vs virtual analog smackdown, comparing the factory sounds of the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 to their virtual analog counterparts with Arturia Prophet V. Continue reading

Arturia Prophet V Patch Collection

Kid Nepro has introduced Arturia Prophet V Collection, a set of 100 patches for Arturias’ Prophet V software synthesizer.

Included are 40 Prophet-5 Patches, 40 Prophet-VS Patches and 20 new Hybrid mode sounds.

Here’s what Kid Nepro has to say about the Arturia Prophet V Collection:

The Patch King has owed several different Prophet’s over the last 30 years and still has a Prophet VS rack in the studio. The collection of sounds that Nepro has programmed for the Arturia V collection is done with expert care from someone who knows the Prophet-5 and Prophet-VS very well – so you can be sure that the sounds are well crafted and sound great.

One of the great things about the Prophet V is that you can import sysex files that were programmed on the original Prophets. We then took our original Prophet-5 and Prophet-VS sound collections and imported the best patches to use as a starting point. The patches were then tweaked using the new Prophet V parameters using the added modulation routings as well as the new delay and chorus effects using the joystick and aftertouch – none of which were on the original synths.

The Kid Nepro Prophet V Collection is available now for US $25. Kid Nepro’s four Arturia V collections are also available as a bundle for $80.