Patch Library For Arturia iSEM, SEM


Sunsine Audio has released Semester – 64 new presets for Arturia iSEM and SEM.

This patch library features ‘thick leads, basses, creamy pads, keys and tricky arpeggios. In addition organ, brass, strings, percussion, synth patches and sequences are included as well.’

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Arturia MiniBrute SE Now Available


The Arturia MiniBrute SE, announced at this year’s Musikmesse, is now available.

We have not seen an official announcement from Arturia on this, but reader Ben (graphtablet) let us know it was available for purchase, and it’s showing up for US $549 now from several online retailers.

The MiniBrute SE shares the same physical footprint as the original MiniBrute, but:

  • The SE edition features brushed aluminium casing with wooden sides
  • A new step Sequencer expands playing options with the MiniBrute SE, with six Pattern sequences with up to 64 steps Users can create new musical phrases from existing ones by changing the playback Mode, Gate Len (timing), and Swing settings in real-time.

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Arturia ‘Lights Your Fire’ With VOX Continental-V

Today Arturia released a software emulation of the sixties-era transistor-based combo organ, the VOX Continental 300, called (not surprisingly) VOX Continental-V .

Introduced in 1962, the VOX Continental, or ‘Connie’ as affectionately it became known, was originally designed as a portable keyboard to address the needs of touring musicians. Our readers will recognize the organ by its distinctive sound in The Animals’ ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ and ‘Light My Fire’ by The Doors. Although the VOX Continental was discontinued in the early 1970s, the organ and its distinctive sound show up in tunes by bands like Madness, Elvis Costello (in his Attractions incarnation), and Tom Petty.
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An Interview With Synth Designer Axel Hartmann

This video captures an interview, via Nick Batt and sonicstate, with industrial designer Axel Hartmann.

If you’ve played a synthesizer, there’s a good chance you’ve played one designed by Axel Hartmann. Hartmann is responsible for the industrial design of:

  • Waldorf synths, including the MicroWave, Wave, Blofeld and others;
  • the Alesis Andromeda Analog Synthesizer;
  • the Hartmann Neuron;
  • the Access Virus Polar;
  • the Moog Little Phatty and Minimoog Voyager XL;
  • Arturia’s Origin, Spark & MiniBrute;
  • the StudioLogic Sledge;
  • the Schmidt Analog Synthesizer;
  • and many others.

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