Circuit Classics Pay Tribute To Work Of Forrest M. Mims III

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Electrical engineer Star Simpson has introduced a set of new DIY projects that pay tribute to Forrest M. Mims III, author of the classic electronics DIY Radio Shack books, like Getting Started in Electronics.

The three projects feature PCBs, printed with Mims’ original circuit illustrations, and the parts to build the circuits. One of the circuits featured, above, is Mim’s Stepped-Tone Generator, a synth circuit that has gained a life of its own, as the Atari Punk Console.

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Atari Punk Stick Puts 8-Bit Synth In A Joystick

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Atari Punk Stick is a DIY project that puts an ‘Atari Punk Console’ synth into a joystick:

The problem with the Atari Punk Console is the interface; knobs can be fun but only keep me entertained for so long. A joystick on the other hand is a much more fun and active way to use interface. This Instructable will teach you how to combine the simple design of an Atari Punk Console with the fun interface of a joystick.

Details on the build are available at Instructables.

The Atari Punk Console Synthesizer

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In this video, Collin Cunningham from Make Magazine takes a look at the Atari Punk Console – one of the more popular synth DIY projects.

Here’s a video on how to build an Atari Punk Console & information on Atari Punk Console kits.

See our previous posts for more info on and examples of the Atari Punk Console.

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Atari Punk Console Kit A Cheap & Fun Introduction To Synth DIY

Atari Punk Console Kit

The Maker Shed now has an Atari Punk Console Kit available for $25 – which makes it a very inexpensive way and pretty foolproof way to get started with synth DIY.

If you’re not familiar with the Atari Punk Console, it’s a DIY synth/noise machine. The design, by Forrest M. Mims III, was originally published in a Radio Shack booklet, Engineer’s Notebook: Integrated Circuit Applications, as the Stepped Tone Generator.

The design got the Atari Punk Console nickname because of the devices lo-fi sounds.

Similar kits are available from several suppliers, so we’ve included them below, too.

Atari Punk Console Kit Sources:

If you’re more confident with your synth DIY or just want to be punk rock about it, you can build the Atari Punk Console off of the schematics. Here’s a video that demonstrates the punk schematic approachContinue reading