Evaton Technologies Announces RF Nomad: Atomic Shadow Edition 5U Synth Module

rf-nomad-atomic-shado-editionEvaton Technologies announced via their Facebook page a new large-format module, the RF Nomad: Atomic Shadow Edition.

The module grew out of a one-off custom module created for ‘mid-century electronica’ artist Atomic Shadow (Rod Mitchell).

The module is a 5U version of Evaton’s RF Nomad voltage-controlled shortwave radio receiver Eurorack module.

Due to interest, a limited run of the Atomic Shadow Edition of the RF Nomad will be made in 5U (dot com) format. Continue reading

Mid-Century Electronica On The KingKorg Synthesizer

KingKorg-synthesizerSunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Rod Mitchell, aka Atomic Shadow, works in a mid-century electronica style, using vintage electronics to create ‘a modern take on the early days of electronic music’.

So we were interested when he shared a new track, embedded below, that features the Korg KingKorg synthesizer. It’s an interesting exploration of the KingKorg. But, more importantly, it’s a great example of going beyond the presets and making a synth your own: Continue reading

Signals From An Elusive Muse – A ‘Mid-Century’ Electronic Music Studio Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a ‘mid-century’ electronic music studio jam by Rod Mitchell, aka Atomic Shadow.

Mitchell works in a sort of alternate future retronica style, inspired by the music of early electronic music pioneers and the soundtracks of classic science fiction films.  Continue reading

Panoramic Wave Generator Inspired By Early Days Of Sampling


Atomic Shadow has announced the Panoramic Wave Generator – a new Kontakt instrument, inspired by the early days of sampling.

Here’s what he has to say about the Panoramic Wave Generator:

I still have an old Akai S-612 and it is one of those things that I never get tired of. You can take a sound and stretch it across the entire keyboard. Depending on your sound it can sound like a howling demon in the low registers or a shrieking bird of prey on the high notes. Of course it has something like 2 seconds of sampling time.

Continue reading