Audio Damage Sequencer 1 Berlin School Style Demo

This video, via Audio Damage, is a brief demonstration of their recently announced ADM06 Sequencer 1 Eurorack format step sequencer. The sneak preview starts with a blank pattern, and ends with a random repeating “Berlin School” style pattern.

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Audio Damage Intros Basic Software Synth For Mac, Windows


Audio Damage has introduced Basic – a three-oscillator monophonic software synthesizer for Mac & Windows.

According to Audio Damage, Basic is designed with ease-of-use, low cost, and simplicity in mind, and offers ‘an aggressive tone and self-resonating filters that ‘scream’ when pushed’. Continue reading

The 11 Best Eurorack Synth Modules Of 2013


Sound designer/composer Richard Devine shared his thoughts yesterday on the eleven best Eurorack synth modules of 2013 on Facebook. 

Why a top eleven list and not a top ten list? Maybe because it was an awesome year for modular gear?

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Audio Damage Intros Freqshift Eurorack Frequency Shifter Module

audio-damage-ADM04Audio Damage has introduced Freqshift – a Eurorack frequency shifter module.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Unlike the more common pitch shifter, which raises or lower the pitch of a sound by some ratio (such as an octave or a fifth), frequency shifters add a specific frequency ( 321Hz, for example) to the signal and all of its harmonics. This alters the timbre of the sound in a manner unlike other familiar effects processors.

Freqshift replaces complex analog circuitry with calibration-free digital processing, delivering a frequency shifter in a compact, flexible, but economically priced Eurorack module.

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