Audio Damage Neuron FM Drum Synth Module (Sneak Preview)

Audio Damage has released a video sneak preview of their new Neuron Eurorack FM drum synthesis module.

In the official intro video, above, AD’s Chris Randall gives an overview of the Neuron, followed by ‘Captain Crazypatch’ audio demos.  Continue reading

Audio Damage Intros Neuron FM Drum Synth Voice For Eurorack Modulars

neuron-drum-voiceAudio Damage‘s Chris Randall has announced a new FM drum synth voice module for Eurorack systems, the Neuron.

Randall notes:

Unlike a traditional FM voice, this isn’t a pair of sine waves. The modulator is a sine, but the carrier is a single-cycle sample from a 909 kick drum’s oscillator, taken direct from the board of a hardware 909. (A 909 owned by Jeffrey, the owner of Ground Kontrol in PDX, and the creator of the Europa mod for the Jupiter 6.) It’s sine-ish, but it has a bit more hair (which, I think, is probably apparent in the samples above.)

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Audio Damage Intros Kompressor Eurorack Compressor

In this video, Audio Damage’s Chris Randall previews Kompressor – a DSP-based buss compressor for the Eurorack format.

Kompressor offers two operating modes:

  • true stereo; and
  • mono with sidechain.

Kompressor brings code from their plug-in products to the realm of hardware and Randall says it is ‘equally at home taming your master outputs or drum mix, or sidechain-pumping a bass or synth line’.  Continue reading

Audio Damage Intros Odio 2-in 2-out USB Audio Interface

IMGP5770At the 2015 Denver Synth Meet, Chris Randall of Audio Damage, right, introduced the Odio – a 2-in 2-out USB audio interface that runs at modular audio levels (10v p-p).

Odio was originally designed to make it easy to use with iOS devices with your modular – for recording, running insert effects or instruments.

Odio is a class-compliant USB audio interface, though, so it can be also be used with any Linux, Mac or Windows computer to integrate VST plug-in effects as inserts in your modular.

It also offers DC-coupled outputs, so it can also be used as an output pair for apps like Silent Way or Volta.

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Denver Synth Meet This Saturday, March 14

denver-synth-meetThe Denver Synth Meet is scheduled for tomorrow, March 14th, from 10 am-10 pm.

Planned activites for the event include:

  • Synth DIY class by Synthrotek
  • Manufacturer demos by WMD, Audio Damage, Grayscale, NIIO Analog & Soundtrack Loops
  • Buy/Sell/Trade/Promote area
  • Evening electronic music performances

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