Novation UltraNova Review & Unboxing Video

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Composer Paul Baraka takes a look at the Novation UltraNova synthesizer.

The bulk of the review focuses on Novation UltraNova sounds – which offer a nice preview of what the synth is capable of. But Baraka also offers his take on some of the pros and cons of the UltraNova. Continue reading

M-Audio Venom Synthesizer – What’s It Sound Like?

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Craig Anderton put together this M-Audio Venom synthesizer audio demo video.

The video may cause seizures, but the audio portion of it offers a good sampling of the sound of the Venom synth.

While M-Audio hypes the vintage audio angle in its promo materials for the Venom, to my ears its real strength is the character of its digital grittiness.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Coming Soon – Loomer Sequencer Modular Multi-Effects Software


Loomer‘s Sequent is a modular multi-effects unit for Mac, Windows & Linux.


The effects – including a flexible beat looper and a pair of filters capable of self oscillation – can be connected in practically limitless combinations by simply dragging virtual cables between them. Continue reading

WTF? A New Digital Music Synthesizer For The Apple II! With Banjo!!

apple-ii-digital-music-synthesizer8BitWeapon has announced a new Apple II Digital Music Synthesizer:

The DMS is the only wavetable synthesizer for the Apple //e, IIc, and IIc+ computers that is suitable for performance use.

It supports up to 8 voices, which can be selected from the 10 on disk, and played (monophonically) from the Apple II keyboard. It can be used to “record” a performance for later playback as well. Also, the DMS doesn’t require a monitor! Just turn on your Apple II and when the drive light goes off. Then hit the space bar you’re ready to play live!

Sounds on disk are: Acoustic Piano, Vibraphone, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Trumpet, Clarinet, square wave, sawtooth wave, sine wave, and (for Bud Melvin)… Banjo!

Requirements: A2.DMS requires an Apple //e, IIc, IIc+, or IIgs computer with 80-column capability, at least one 5.25” floppy disk drive. Monitor is optional.

You can preview the Apple II Digital Music Synthesizer below.

It retails for $19.95. It may be time to track down a working Apple II!

Winter NAMM Sneak Preview – The Virus TI Keyboard

access-virus-ti-2010-namm-show2010 Winter NAMM Show sneak preview: Access has released a teaser audio demo of their to-be-released update to the Virus TI operating system:

This is a audio preview of a future Virus TI operating system. All patches were specifically designed to illustrate new features to be announced on the NAMM show 2010. We only used single sounds and no additional effects.

Visit us on the NAMM show Hall A #6900.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

2010 NAMM Show Teaser From Moon Modular

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2010 NAMM Show: This is a Berlin School teaser from Moon Modular for their booth at the upcoming Winter NAMM Show.

They will be at Hall A · Booth# 6108

via moonmodular:

Gear in use: Trigger Sequencer M563v2, the new Quad Quantizer M565v2 with the expander M565e and a LFO triangle wave. Sound source Oberheim Xpander.