Sound Magic Releases The One, A Windows Audio Effect Designed For Simplicity

Sound Magic has introduced The One – a new effect for Windows described as “the easiest and the most convenient way for musicians to process their recordings.”

The One features several options to choose from and only a single knob to implement them – that’s it. There’s no confusing technical terminology. You choose your goal and spin the single dial to get the desired result.

Here’s what Sound Magic has to say about The One:

At first glance, it might seem that this is some lightweight tone control or simply some cobbled together processors. But behind this simple knob are years of research from many pro engineers, taking some complex algorithms and effects chains and putting them at your fingertips.

Sound Magic has summed up thousands of individual mixing pathways, modeled them, developed several universal algorithms, then translated them into the language of musician. You won’t find any complicated technical terms when using The One. Instead, Sound Magic has used words like “wetter”, “brighter”, “stronger” and so on.

There’s nothing lightweight or cobbled together here either. This is cutting edge programming utilizing artificial intelligence to make controlling the cleanest digital processors available as simple and as intuitive as possible.

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Audio Damage Intros Kombinat Dva Multi-Band Distortion Effect

Audio Damage Kombinat Dva

Audio Damage has released Kombinat Dva – a multi-band distortion effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Here’s how they describe it:

From mild tone-shaping or adding a bit of grit to full-on total waveform destruction, Kombinat Dva, the long-awaited sequel to our popular Kombinat plug-in, is a complete toolbox of sonic warfare.

With 13 different options in each of the three distortion engines (plus pass-through), Kombinat Dva is capable of sophisticated and unique sounds. Want to add a ring mod to the low end, a mild tube clip to the mids, and a bit-reduction algorithm to the high end? No problem. Want to run your signal through three sine-warps or fuzz algorithms in series? This is your box.

Kombinat Dva is available now for $49. Details below.

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Sonic Charge Intros Bitspeek Vocoder Effect

Sonic Charge has introduced Bitspeek – a real-time pitch-excited linear prediction codec effect.

Linear prediction coding is a voice compression technology that appeared in commercial products in the seventies and was implemented in some well-known speaking toys of the early eighties.

Sonic Charge has applied the technology to create a VST / AU effect plug-in that analyzes audio, extracts a number of parameters (including pitch, volume and formant data) and then resynthesizes the audio using a simple oscillator, noise and filter architecture.

Despite having only a few simple controls, this box can produce a broad range of sounds from cheap speaking toys to high-end vocoder and talkbox effects.

Bitspeek is available for Mac & Windows for $29. See the Sonic Charge site for audio demos and more info.

New Audio Effect, ValhallaShimmer, Like Eno In A Plugin

Valhalla DSP has announced ValhallaShimmer – an algorithmic reverberation plugin.

It’s sort of like Brian Eno in a plugin – at least a classic Eno effect.

You can preview ValhallaShimmer above. The example is an Erik Satie piano piece, being fed into 4 series instances of the plugin.

The plugin is set for a longish reverb sound, with 3 of the instances also being set to pitch shift the feedback (at intervals of +/- 12 semitones, +/- 7 semitones, and +/- 5 semitones). Continue reading

Free Loudness Maximizer Effect For Mac, Windows

Free Music Software: Aradaz Maximizer 5 is a free loudness maximizer effect plug-in for Mac & Windows:

After 5 months trials and errors of making loudness maximizer vst, the algorithm which I’m looking for is finally found. I’have reworked the previous AradazMaximizer5 and I still use that name for this new maximizerVST plugin.

AradazMaximizer5 Reworked Version has better performance of limiting audio signal. It has no pumping effect, easy to use, simple and free.


  • Maximize parameter.
  • 2 speed types (normal and fast).
  • Attack and release characterization.
  • Output parameter (never exceed 0 dB).
  • Sample rates up to 192 kHz.
  • 64 bit internal processing.

Aradaz Maximizer 5 is available now as a free download for PC and Mac (VST/AU).

Free Windows Audio Effect – Red Shift Pitch Shifter

Free Windows Music Software: BSerrano has released Redshift v2.0, a free Windows audio effect that’s described as “a pitch shifter, lo-fi delay, phaser, chorus and more.”

If you give Redshift a try, leave a comment with your thoughts!

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Moog Intros MF-401 Auto De-tune, Makes Even T-Pain Sound Natural


Moog Music today announced the new MF-401 Auto De-tune, a new rackmount audio effect that promises to add natural imperfections to even the most heavily AutoTuned vocals:

Introducing Moog Music’s MF-401 Auto De-tune, featuring Authentic Vocal Imperfection technology, even a T-Pain vocal can be restored to its complete original character, scrubbing the pitch correction and leaving the untreated vocal in all its wavering sharp or flat glory. Results may vary, and Moog Music in no way bears responsibility for discomfort or irritation caused by the use of the MF-401.

Presets include:

  • •Drunk as a Sailor
  • •Seattle sensitive alternative warble
  • •Where did all the green room beer go?
  • •Original Star Trek cast member attempts to make pop music
  • •My vocal monitor is blown, so Soundman, please mix me REALLY low
  • •Mrs. Miller
  • •Too punk rock to turn down your !#$%&*!! stage volume
  • •Cat in an alley under a full moon
  • •Tone Def
  • •Florence Foster Jenkins

According to Moog, each preset can be adjusted to taste or lack thereof with the Warble rate, Deviation range, Emotive Overload, and Caterwaul rotary controls, allowing a virtually infinite variety and depth of vocal expression and variation.