Cassette Tape Format Is 50 Years Old

cassette-tape-50th-anniversaryPhilips is celebrating the 50th anniversary of  the Compact Cassette, which the company introduced in Europe on August 30th, 1963 at the Berlin Radio Show.

Although there were other magnetic tape cartridge systems, Philips’ Compact Cassette became dominant as a result of Philips’ decision in the face of pressure from Sony to license the format free of charge.

Philips also released the Norelco Carry-Corder 150 recorder/player in the U.S. in November 1964. By 1966 over 250,000 recorders had been sold in the US alone and Japan soon became the major source of recorders. By 1968, 85 manufacturers had sold over 2.4 million players. Continue reading

Reel To Reel Tape Delay

This user demo, via darshonaut, looks at how to use a reel to reel tape machine as a tape delay with a modular synthesizer:

I wanted to turn my Reel to Reel Tape Machine (Revox A77 MK III) into a Tape Delay, but since I don’t use a traditional mixing desk with Aux In/Out , I had to come up with a patch for my Curetronic modular synthesizer.

Nord Wave, Electro 3 Get Free Chambelin Sound Library

chamberlinNord has announced a new collection of the original Chamberlin tape library sounds in the Nord Sample Library format.

These 60 sounds compliment the previously released Mellotron sound library and are available free of charge for all Nord Wave and Nord Electro 3 users.

The Chamberlin is a vintage electro-mechanical keyboard instrument related to the Mellotron.

It was developed by inventor Harry Chamberlin from 1949 to 1956, when the first model was introduced. Various models and versions of these Chamberlin music instruments exist.

The analog Chamberlin master tapes have been transferred to the digital domain using state-of the art recording equipment, in a 44.1 kHz, 24-bits resolution. All the sounds have been edited and carefully looped – when applicable – using the Nord Sample Editor. Unlooped versions are planned, also.