All Your MIDI Are Belong To QWERTY

Secret Base Design, makers of the MIDIMorphosis and Apollo over Bluetooth apps, has just released a new music-making iOS app, Double Decker, which turns the user’s Bluetooth keyboard (or iPad keyboard) into a MIDI controller.

In the Double Decker app, the middle two rows of the keyboard (the “asdf” row and the “qwerty” row) are arranged like a piano keyboard. The bottom row of keys uses a different synthesizer patch; the top (number) row triggers drum patches, with the option to add more drum sets using Soundfonts. The user can also send MIDI notes to apps (like SunRizer) running in the background. There are also four different 4×4 grids for triggering samples. Continue reading

FunkBox Drum Machine Updated With Inter-App Audio, AudioBus 2

funkbox-drum-machine-iosSynthetic Bits has released FunkBox version 3.4, an update that adds iOS 7.1 support, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus 2 compatibility.

FunkBox is an iOS app that simulates the sound and look of vintage drum machines.

Here’s what’s new in FunkBox 3.4: Continue reading

Audiobus 2 Now Available

audiobus-2Audiobus 2 – a major update to the app-to-app audio routing app for iOS – is now available.

Audiobus 2 introduces a new interface and a number of significant new features:

  • New Multi-Routing feature (In-App Purchase) allows unlimited connections and effect chaining.
  • Presets let you save and share connections and the settings of the individual apps within your Audiobus workflow.
  • Multi-channel input hardware support.
  • New hardware latency controls

A list of apps that have been updated for compatibility is available in the Audiobus forum.

Here’s a video overview of the new features in Audiobus 2: Continue reading