Audiofile Updates Spectre Audio Analysis Suite

Spectre171_AppStoreOn Friday, music technology company Audiofile announced an update to Spectre, their real-time audio analysis suite for OS X.

Spectre features 20 different multi-channel and multi-trace meters including Level, VU, Spectrograph, Oscilloscope, Spectrogram, LU and LU History.

Along with an extensive performance upgrade, Spectre’s updated meters are easier to configure, and are “Retina-ready” and optimized for the OS X Mavericks operating system, including improved full-screen and multiple display support. Continue reading

Audiofile Engineering Intros Triumph Audio Editor

Audiofile Engineering has introduced Triumph, a ‘sequel’ to their Wave Editor audio editing application.

Triumph is more than just a new version of Wave Editor. “We rethought everything, not only how to improve on what we built in Wave Editor, but how we could bring the concept of an audio editor forward”, says Matthew Foust, founder of Audiofile Engineering, “Triumph takes full advantage of all of the latest technologies Mac OS X has to offer.”

Here are the details:

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FiRe Studio Turns iPhone Into An 8-Track Recorder

Firestudio multitrack recorder for iPhoneAudiofile Engineering has released FiRe Studio – an 8-track recorder for the iPhone.

The app offers a lot of power for its $4.99 price.


  • Record in mono and stereo, 16-bit, 48 kHz
  • Live waveform view including rectified view
  • Live overview for easy navigation
  • Scroll waveform with touch
  • Navigate waveform via double-tap with configurable behavior
  • Moveable Playback Head
  • Tap Playback Head handle to add markers
  • Editable Markers and Regions
  • Detailed Mixer (rotate to landscape view in a mix)
  • Click track
  • Beautiful and accurate VU Input Meters
  • Unlimited number of mixes
  • Global notes and track notes
  • Configurable track colors
  • Pause gracefully when interrupted by phone call
  • Countdown with gorgeous graphics
  • Screen rotates 180 degrees for better control of the iPhone’s internal mic
  • Broadcast WAVE metadata
  • Searchable Projects list
  • Sorting options for the Projects List
  • Ability to lock tracks
  • Snapping
  • File export via iTunes File Sharing & FTP
  • SoundCloud (
  • DropBox ( integration
  • Choice of export file formats: WAVE, AIFF, CAF, AAC, Apple Lossless, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC

Note: FiRe Studio is designed exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch.

FiRe Studio is available now in the App Store.

Audiofile Engineering Backline MIDI – A Mobile MIDI Troubleshooting Tool

Audiofile Engineering Backline MIDIAudiofile Engineering has introduced Backline MIDI (App Store link), a utility for monitoring & sending MIDI info in a live-performance environment:

Backline MIDI is a utility designed for fast, accurate MIDI troubleshooting in any setting. Created by the minds at Audiofile Engineering, it’s an ideal tool for traveling techs and live engineers who need a convenient way to monitor or send MIDI information on the go

Create a master clock for tempo and time-sync functions, monitor incoming MIDI messages across channels with detailed info, and much more, all with an intuitive, easy-to-read interface.

Backline MIDI is available now for US $9.99.

Note: Full use of Backline MIDI requires the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer accessory with the latest firmware. You can download the latest firmware with the newest version of MIDI Memo Recorder. Continue reading

Sneak Preview Of The Rax 3 Mac Music Rack

Audiofile Engineering has has announced Rax 3 – the latest version of its virtual rack software for OS X, and has published a video to demo the updated software.

New features include new input sources, a completely redesigned user interface, radical routing capabilities, and liberating MIDI mapping opportunities.

Audiofile Engineering Releases voXover 1.0.1

Audiofile Engineering has introduced voXover, a new voice-over automation tool and batch recorder for Mac OS X.

voXover is a voice-over automation utility and batch-recorder for multimedia projects that require large numbers of individual audio files to be recorded where a typical multi-track recorder is not feasible. Examples range from video game development and broadcast work to speaking dictionary and telephone voice-response production.

“voXover is an indispensable tool for multimedia developers who need to record large amounts of dialog efficiently and without error,” said Audiofile’s Matthew Foust.

voXover allows you to write or import a written script and rapidly automate the recording of that script. The script can be displayed on voXover’s teleprompter to the voice talent via your wired or wireless network. Sessions can range from completely automated to completely free-form. Takes are automatically created, named, and annotated as configured in the script. Takes may also be filtered, sorted, organized, rearranged, renamed, and exported at any time during the session, making voXover incredibly flexible.


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