Does Your DAW Have The Jitters?

Reader Geert Bevin has been doing some testing of DAWs to learn more about their MIDI performance. And based on his testing, some DAWs are more prone to MIDI ‘jitter’ than others:

Musicians using software instruments might be delivering sub-par performances and not even know why. Many popular plugin hosts introduce MIDI jitter at the final step, causing the timing to be subtly off during live performance. Read why this is happening and which hosts to avoid in this article.

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New Shepard Tone Synth For Windows, Mac

YouTube Preview Image

Oli Larkin has introduced Endless Series v3 – a Shepard Tone synthesizer for Windows & Mac.

If you’re not familiar with Shepard Tones, they are basically an auditory illusion created by fading out one rising pitch while fading in another, starting at a lower pitch. The result is a sound that appears to be infinitely rising. The same effect can also be created with descending tones.

The above video offers an introduction to Shepard tones.

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