New Film Features Soundtrack Created On iPhone, iPad

4Pockets Audio, creator of Aurora Sound Studio & Meteor Multi-Track Recorder, reports that a new movie, Gothic Assassins, features a soundtrack created using iPads and iPhones:

The new Milos Twilight movie Gothic Assassins due for release shortly has a soundtrack entirely composed on Apple iPad’s and iPhones. Whilst many might have branded Milos as mad when they first heard his concept for creating his soundtrack check out some of these tracks to see just what he has accomplished.

Milos used a range of apps including Meteor Multitrack Recorder, Aurora Sound Studio HD and StompBox.

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Audio & MIDI Interfaces For The iPad

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Developer 4Pockets, the people behind the iPad music apps Aurora Sound Studio, Meteor Multitrack Recorder and StompBox, offers their take on audio and MIDI interfaces for the the iPad.

Devices covered include:

  • IK Multimedia iRig
  • Peavey AmpKit
  • Using USB audio interfaces
  • The Apogee Jam
  • The Alesis iO Dock
  • E-Mu MIDI Tab

There are already a wide range of audio interfaces for iOS users, from the cheap and basic to more expensive digital audio interfaces. If you’ve got an existing USB audio interface, getting a Camera Connection Kit will probably offer the best bang for the buck, as long as your audio interface is IOS compatible.

What do you think the best way to go is?

iPad Matrix Synth, Aurora Sound Studio HD, Lets You Edit Instruments, Make Arrangements

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