Micronaut – Experiment Seven

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a glitchy synth jam featuring the new Dave Smith Instruments Tempest drum machine, via Chris Randall (Micronaut) – Experiment Seven.

Technical details below. 

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Micronaut – Experiment Five

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a hybrid analog + digital live in the studio synth jam from musician/developer/writer Chris Randall.

Here’s what he has to say about Micronoaut – Experiment Five:

Sequenced from Live, and I’m using a Korg nanoControl to turn tracks on and off and such.

I play the DSI TETR4 from my iPad running Audanika’s SoundPrism app, which is a very cool MIDI controller app done in a cycle-of-fifths layout. The little bass sound that comes in here and there is The World’s Most Expensive CS-5, while a René sequencer drives a SynthTech Cloud Generator for the arpeggiated sine part from the modular.

MeeBlip is running in to a Roland RE-201 for the sound you hear very early on, the snare-ish hit that has a spring ‘verb and echo. The other sound right in the beginning is an MS-20 running in to my circuit-bent BOSS RRV-10.

The other prevalent effects are Eos for the ‘verb, and the Eventide TimeFactor on its ModDelay algorithm, in line from the TETR4. This is what creates the big hollow drone sound. I just jack the feedback up full and when it is humming along I hit the repeat button.

Audio is available at bandcamp.

via Cranda11

Micronaut – Experiment Four

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Sunday Synth Jam: Chris Randall’s micronaut – experiment four.

Details below.

via Cranda11:

The very definition of getting carried away. I bought a Boss RRV-10 reverb last night, and just wanted to test it out to make sure it was all working, and 5 hours later, here we are.

This piece is done with no sequencing at all. A Max patch does the dirty work, and everything you hear except the snare drum is coming from the hardware synths, six of ’em. I’m arranging things by turning specific metro objects on and off in Max via the Korg nanoControl; they’re all quantized to the Global Clock.

Autechre 5-CD Box Set, EPs 1991 – 2002

Autechre box set EPS 1991 - 2002

Autechre has announced a 5-CD box set, EPS 1991 – 2002, a collection that brings together material from rare Autechre EP releases from between 1991 – 2002 years.

The 47-track release features music from these EPs:

  • Cavity Job (1991 – First Autechre release from before they signed to Warp and not available on CD before)
  • Basscad EP (1994)
  • Anti EP (1995)
  • Garbage (1995)
  • Anvil Vapre (1995)
  • Peel Session (Transmitted 1995, released 1999)
  • Envane (1997)
  • Cichlisuite (1997)
  • EP7 (1999)
  • Peel Session 2 (Transmitted 1999, released 2001)
  • Gantz_Graf (2002)

The Autechre EP collection comes in several formats, ranging from $29.99 for MP3 downloads to $49.99 for the minimally sexy box set.

Details at bleep.com.

Micronaut – Experiments One & Two

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here are a couple of new synth jams via Chris Randall.

Here’s what Randall has to say about micronaut – experiment one, above:

Having a bit of fun with the new equipment set-up, and trying to get a feel for the workflow. This piece is entirely sequenced from an Apply //e and Roland CMU-800R. I’m recording in to Ableton Live, but there are no samples or pre-recording. This track is 100% live.

The quick arpeggio sound, drums, and 16th note pulse are coming from the CMU-800R. The low bass note is from a Korg MS20 running through a Roland RE-201 Space Echo, and the main melody sound is coming from the Doepfer modular (in this case a TipTop Audio Z3000 oscillator, plus some Doepfer shit) and running through a Realistic Electronic Reverb and an Eventide TimeFactor. I used a couple instances of Audio Damage Eos for the main reverb inside the DAW, but that’s the only computer effect.

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