Hot Babes + Monster Synths = APC’s 2010 Calendar

miss-march-with-a-huge-modular-smIf you’ve really been aching to see Ms March with a monster synth, the APC crew has got you covered.

While the site of a large modular synth, a Roland TB 303 or a Fairlight CMI III is titillation enough for most synth freaks, the 2010 APC calendar goes a step further.

Here’s what APC’s Simon Iddol has to say about their 2010 calendar:

The calendar itself is a limited edition (500 copies) A3 sized wall calendar featuring legendary synths like Fairlight CMI III, Roland TB 303, PPG Wave, EMS AKS or Roland Jupiter 8.

Our aim is to create a calendar like this in every year and to do something for the music world like the Pirelli calendar for the car world.

If every garage has a hot chick VS cool cars calendar, than every studio needs our calendar.

The model is a world famous Hungarian striptease dancer and model Dorothy Black.

The politically correct side of me thinks that they should have balanced out the gear photos featuring the “world famous Hungarian striptease dancer” with some shots with a hunky naked guy – but photos of naked guys with monster synths would probably kill the vintage synth resale market on eBay forever.

The calendars are $30 via PayPal. Details at the APC site.

SFW preview (that’s probably NSFW) here.

Moby’s Birthday Is Going To Way Be Better Than Yours

scarlett-johanssonHere’s something cheery for all the Moby-haters out there – news it’s Moby’s birthday – and that Moby’s birthday is going to be way better than yours.

First off, there’s the presents:

  • a poem about tacos
  • some pleasant quasi-soft-core porn
  • a book about tea production
  • a vegan cassoulet (a french dish normally made from sausages and pig fat)
  • Reading through loads of  ‘happy birthday!’ emails

Not sure about the taco poem – but it’s probably by Beck or something.

Then he’s off to have lunch with Jean Michel Jarre, to chat about how to deal with piles of cash and what to do with all those promotional synths that companies give them.

Next up, it’s time to hang out in Paris with Scarlett Johansson.

Not bad for a “weird bald guy“, eh?

via Moby

Bikini Models + Conductive Paint + Ableton Live = The Humanthesizer

YouTube Preview Image

This is a must see – Calvin Harris may have created the ultimate electronic music controller – bikini clad models painted with conductive ink.

Harris performs a version of his new single Ready For The Weekend on a unique human synthesiser- the Humanthesizer.

The instrument employs 15 bikini clad models painted with Bare Conductive, a new skin safe ink which conducts electricity. When the performers touch, the connection completes a circuit, triggering a sound.

Think it’s all fake, and just a cheap excuse to get 15 bikini clad babes into a music video?

Then check out the behind the scenes video below! Continue reading

Goddess Of The Keytar 5: Valerie Poxleitner (Lights)

Joining the all-powerful Juliette Commagere, Imogen Heap, Lauren Rocket & Naomi Jarman as officially recognized Synthtopia Goddesses of the Keytar is Valerie Poxleitner, aka Lights.

Synthtopia’s Goddesses of the Keytar are an exclusive group of women that are doing what they can to keep the frequently maligned keytar at the forefront of popular music. Continue reading

Deadmau5 at Bleu

Saturday mau5 porn: A promo video for Deadmau5 when they showed up to Bleu in Detroit.

Deadmau5 eye candy courtesy of Natalie – one of Detroit’s top Go Go Dancers. She showed up in style with her very own mau5 head.

Glitch Raga, With Strippers

YouTube Preview Image

This video captures Mr. Dithers in his studio, during the recording of Sympathy for the Stripper.

According to Mr. Dithers:

The brief shot of the girls is Angie and Shani in my studio during the recording of “Sympathy for the Stripper.” Not much was accomplished that day because they got wasted on brandy and amaretto and decided to make crank calls to other strip joints.

You might think it would be cool to have two strippers in your band, but trust me, its way more trouble than it is worth. No, they don’t have sex with you because they feel the band is “family” and only view your project as a brief distraction from their genetic pre-disposition to create as much unbridled chaos on Earth as possible.

They only show up for a gig if they want to at that very moment. You beg the club owner not to give them free drinks. They are strippers, they have hollow legs. Every night ends the same way. The police are called to break up a brawl after some guy’s woman in the audiece gets jealous and calls one of the girls a “skank.” Angie once shattered some poor bitch’s cheek bone with an ashtray. Its not fun when all the money you make at a gig goes to Frankie the bail bondsman. I do not miss those days at all.

Says Mr Dithers, “The glitch is my bitch.”