‘Großer Herr’, From Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, On iPhones & iPads

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a performance by the DigiEnsemble Berlin of the aria Großer Herr, o starker König from the Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach.

The oratorio is sung by Tobias Berndt.

The DigiEnsemble explores the state of the art of music performance on mobile devices. Music director Matthias Krebs chose the Bach aria with the intention of accomplishing a signifying step in the ensemble’s development.

Professors from the Berlin University of the Arts were consulted to optimize the musical adaption and musical interpretation. The technical performance level was enhanced by utilizing a number of elaborate controllers, including a new motion control app called MIDI In Motion by Florian Schwehn.

The DigiEnsemble documents the technical process behind their performance in this new ‘behind the scenes’ video: Continue reading

J.S. Bach C Major Prelude & Fugue On The Tonal Plexus Keyboard, In Just Intonation

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a performance by Aaron Andrew Hunt of Bach’s C Major Prelude & Fugue, Book 1, BWV 846, on a Tonal Plexus keyboard.

Hunt’s performance both the use of an alternative keyboard and Just Intonation.

Here’s what Hunt has to say about the performance:

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Switched On Bach On Guitar Synth

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a preview of Shredder for iPhone, featuring a little ‘switched on’ style Bach, using guitar-controlled software synth.

Shredder is designed to translate the audio signal from a standard electric guitar into MIDI and into guitar synth.

It’s $9.99 in the App Store (but it’s discounted to $4.99 as of this post).

If you give this a try, let us know what you think of it!

Details below.

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The Advanced Audio Science StringStation


The StringStation is a new electornic instrument that, according to the developer, “advances the new science of Digital Sound Modeling to allow the expressive dynamics of human touch on strings to be the catalyst for any sound imaginable.”

Here’s the official summary on the Stringstation:

WHAT: The Stringstation is a custom 40-string music instrument designed to allow tactile strings to advance future music in Surround Sound.

WHO: Developed by Passport / Audion recording artist Jim Bartz. Bartz was signed as a guitarist pre-StringStation by Larry Fast of Peter Gabriels band while he was an engineer/producer at one of the midwests premier recording facilities.

WHY: Discoveries in the late night recording studio led to invention of this stringed instrument that could be split into a matrix of separate outputs, allowing the 3D resonance and layering of many different sound colors from one source with the ability to play bass, rhythm, melody and orchestrations simultaneously with two hands.

WHERE: In Seattle.

HOW: The StringStation utilizes every playing technique known to stringed instruments and many new ones evolved from the combination of 3 customized 8-string steel guitars, one 6-string, a 10-string Chapman Stick.

Check out the video demo below and let us know what you think of the Stringstation.

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Bach On The Eigenharp Alpha

YouTube Preview Image

Jose Silva sent in this video, via the Submit A Store page, capturing an elegant Bach performance on the Eigenharp Alpha:

Wonderful Instrument, just “lightly touching” it’s capabilities and expressiveness ( goes way beyond just playing one sound)

I am without words to describe how much I am fortunate enough to live this present times and play the Eigenharp’s ( ALPHA and PICO)