The New Sound Of Music – A View Of Electronic Music From 1979

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The New Sound of Music is a vintage BBC documentary (1979) that looks at the development of recorded music, from the first barrel organs, pianolas, the phonograph, the magnetic tape recorder on to the concepts of musique concrete and electronic music.

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BBC Radiophonic Workshop Returning

The BBC and the Arts Council of England have announced that they are reincarnating the Radiophonic Workshop.

The Radiophonic Workshop – in its original incarnation – was a pioneering electronic music studio, responsible for sound effects for several generations of BBC shows, and iconic music, like the theme from Dr. Who.

The new Radiophonic Workshop will, unfortunately, not be an old-school electronic music studio, filled with reel-to-reel recorders and knob-laden devices, but a virtual institution.

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Early BBC Radiophonics: Private Dreams And Public Nightmares (1957)

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Private Dreams and Public Nightmares (1957) is an early BBC experiment in radiophonic sound, predating the establishment of the Radiophonic Workshop. It was created by Frederick Bradnum and Daphne Oram (pictured) and produced by Donald McWhinnie.

Donald McWhinnie introduces the work, which starts at 4:20.

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The Sound Makers – Inside The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Electronic music blog It’s Full Of Stars has shared a fun vintage audio tour of the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop from 1963:

The Sound Makers is a documentary about synthesis and sound manipulation at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from 1963. It was part of the BBC’s RECORDED PROGRAMMES PERMANENT LIBRARY which is an archive on vinyl, I believe limited to only a few copies of each.

The documentary is interesting for its insight into the production techniques that were state of the art in the 60’s Radiophonic Workshop – but is also entertaining because of its “gee whiz” tone.

You can preview the first part of the documentary below. See myblogitsfullofstars for more and download links.

Jan Hammer Explains How To Rock The Keytar

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This vintage video, from BBC Rock School, series 2 from 1987, captures pioneering composer and synthesist Jan Hammer (Miami Vice) explaining how to rock the keytar.

You can find out more about Jan Hammer, in his own words, in Synthtopia’s Jan Hammer interview.
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