Reason Combinator Tutorial – Creating A Dynamic Rhythm Generator

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This Propellerhead Reason, via ohdratdigital, tutorial looks at how to create a dynamic rhythm generator using Kong, Redrum, and Spider CV merger/splitter.

You can download Seasoning Lite – a free Combinator – at the OhDratDigital site.

The Protoclidean Sequencer For Ableton Live Lets You Explore Euclidean Rhythms

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Developer Julien Bayle has announced a new sequencer for Ableton Live, The Protoclidean Sequencer.

The Protoclidean Sequencer is based on the Euclidean algorithm, one of the oldest mathematical algorithms known. The algorithm offers a simple way to distribute a particular number of objects inside a particular number of slots.

In musical terms, it lets you distribute a particular number of notes into a particular number of slots. This form of distribution is thought by some to underly many of the most fundamental rhythms across musical traditions.

For a deeper look at Euclidean algorithms & implementation into music, you can read this article: The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms, by Godfried Toussaint.

The Protoclidean Sequencer lets you easily create sequences using odd or even number of steps, without the need of creating a lot of clips with different size in your Live set. You can also play live with it, using the banks storage/load feature.

See the video, embedded above, tor a demonstration of how this works.

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Propellerhead Reason Micro Tutorial – The Echo

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Propellerhead has released another Reason 6 demo video, looking at The Echo:

Reason 6 introduces three new creative effect devices: Pulveriser, Alligator, and The Echo. In this micro tutorial we’ll take a look at The Echo.

The Echo brings together the best features of crisp digital delay, warm crunchy analog delay, space echoing tape delays, and even loop-based effects. We’ll take a look at the major functions of The Echo and explore a few ways you can use its powerful delay settings in your music.

TouchLive Lets You Control Ableton Live On A Giant Multitouch Display

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This is a sneak preview of TouchLive 0.1 – a program underdevelopment that is designed to let you use a multi-touch display as a controller for audio or video software.

TouchLive 0.1 includes a monome emulator, midi drumpads, mixer, transport, sliders and buttons.

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RealBeat Sampler (Sneak Preview)

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Developer Jörg Piringer has introduced RealBeat – a new sampler for iOS.

RealBeat is designed to offer simple and fast access to sampling and manipulating recorded sounds.


  • Sampler (record sounds easily)
  • Text to Speech (let your device speak for you)
  • Modify the sound (pitch, reverse, distortion, reverb, …)
  • Sequencer (make rhythms)
  • Patterns (modify the rhythm easily)
  • Live effects (manipulate in realtime)
  • Mixer
  • Export sounds to other apps via Audio Copy
  • Export sounds to your computer via iTunes
  • Works with internal microphone

RealBeat is expected to be available August 31st for $1.99.

Beat Kangz Intro Beat Thang Virtual Preset Expander Packs

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It’s been a while since we heard anything from the Beat Kangz, creators of Beat Thang Virtual – a sort of virtual MPC.

They’ve announced Beat Thang Virtual Preset Expander Pack Vol. 1-4, a collection of expansion packs.

Here’s what they have to say about the Expanders:

There are many samples in the BTV factory ROM that were not used in preset kits or instruments. So, unless you are willing to dive in and spend time building new kits, then you may not be making use of all of BTV’s potential. The Factory Preset Expander makes it easy for you.

Beat Kangz went back to the lab and spent hours creating new kits and instruments that make more of these sounds instantly accessible. Now you can quickly and easily unlock the potential of your Beat Thang Virtual! These new expansions tap further into the power packed sound designs of the Beat Kangz by giving you all new kits and Instruments to build with, and saving you hours of design time. Plus you get the added benefit of having the Beat Kangz as your sound designers.

The expansion packs are $9.99 each at their site.

Online Realtime Music Collaboration With Ohm Studio – What Does It Mean?

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Is online, realtime music collaboration going to be a big deal?

That’s the premise of Ohm Studio – a full-featured DAW for Mac & Windows that’s designed for online collaboration.

This video demonstrates a couple of musicians making music together online in Ohm Studio, which is currently in beta testing.

This seems like this could be the seed of something cool. Check it out and let me know what you think!