Beatmaker Update Adds Inter-App Audio, Better MIDI Support & More

beatmaker-2.5Intua has updated Beatmaker, adding Inter-App Audio, new effects, better MIDI support and more.

Beatmaker is a powerful mobile virtual studio for iPhone and iPad.

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iPad + BeatMaker 2 MIDI Tutorial

This set of videos, via Kyle Mohr, takes a look at how to use a DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter to control the iOS app BeatMaker 2 on the Apple iPad. Then it goes on to demonstrate using multiple controllers at the same time.

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Beatmaker 2 Updated With AudioBus

intua-beatmaker-2Intua has released an update to BeatMaker 2, adding AudioBus support and more.

Here’s what’s new in Beatmaker 2.4.3:

  • Audiobus support – BeatMaker 2 can send to or receive audio from other apps
    • Monitor, record, apply effects, tweak input volume, apply noise gate from apps connected to Audiobus
    • Audio tracks are created automatically when connecting new apps or starting a new project
    • Control the sequencer and instrument sample recorder from another app with the Audiobus connection panel
  • Virtual MIDI input apps are not active by default, only controllers are
  • .midi files are now recognized
  • ZIP files transferred via FTP or DropBox are now unzipped automatically
  • Improvements of MIDI output timestamps

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Waveshaper Drum Kits For iOS From Sunsine Audio

stix-305Sunsine Audio has announced plans to release Beatmaker 2 and Nanostudio versions of drum kits and samples from Wavshaper.

The iOS versions will be available exclusively through Sunsine Audio, while the original Wav versions will remain available from Waveshaper. Both versions are priced exactly the same.

The first “converted” release is – STIX 305. Continue reading

More Apps Taking A Ride On The Audiobus

Audiobus – the much-anticipated system for routing audio between iOS applications – is scheduled to be released Monday, December 10th, with support from about a dozen apps. Given the huge number of iOS music apps now available, that means that some of your favorites aren’t on the list of Audiobus-compatible apps.

More apps, though, should be getting Audiobus support soon:
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BeatMaker 2 for iOS Review

YouTube Preview Image

Reader Tim Webb, aka discchord, sent this video our way, offering his take on Beatmaker 2 for iOS:

With BeatMaker 2 going Universal I gave it a go on the iPad. This is one of the better Universalizations, as it does not feel crippled by it’s iPhone origin; in terms of both the UI and performance.

BeatMaker 2 is an elaborate studio with loads of effects and hundreds of samples. I ignore both of those facts completely as I go on a wild tear to put it through its paces. Included are tips on Hokusai and all kinds of sample chopping fun.

See Webb’s site for more tips related to Beatmaker 2.

This Is All On A Phone – Intua’s BeatMaker 2

YouTube Preview Image

This video is an overview of Intua’s BeatMaker 2, which they describe as ‘the most advanced mobile music workstation’.

It is impressive what they manage to pack into a $19.99 app.

Check out the details below – and let us know what you think of BeatMaker 2 – and the fact that it runs on a phone. Continue reading