iMaschine Update Adds Audiobus, Inter-App Audio

Native Instruments has released an update to iMaschine, adding Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and more. Here’s what’s new in iMaschine 1.2.0: Audiobus integration – chain the sound from iMaschine into apps such as GarageBand Inter-App Audio integration – stream audio output to other apps. Supports transport control and sync on iPad, supports transport sync on iPhone.… Read More iMaschine Update Adds Audiobus, Inter-App Audio

Sugar Bytes Intros Egoist Groove Instrument For iPad

Sugar Bytes has released Egoist for iPad – an iOS version of its groove instrument application. According to the company, you can load any audio file and ‘squeeze the groove out of it’, using sample slicing, effect sequencing, a built-in beat box and more. Here’s the official intro video for Egoist for iPad: