Synthesizers + The Undead Meet In Zombies 1985


Synthesist Tara Busch let us know about a Kickstarter project she’s involved with, Zombies 1985.

The project is to help fund a short film, set in 1985, about a self-obsessed man who fails to notice the Zombie Apocalypse happening around him. The film will have a live score by Busch and Benge Edwards.

Project backers, at all levels, will receive digital copies of the score, with backers at higher level getting physical copies, signed copies of the script and the opportunity to take part in the film as a zombie extra.  Continue reading

New Benge Album Features Buchla 100 Looping

benge-buchla-modularBenge has released a new album, Loop Series One: Buchla 100.

It’s the first in a planned series of albums, recorded on a single electronic music synthesizer and featuring loop-based compositions. On this first record, the sound source is a Buchla 100 modular analog synthesizer dating from the 1960s.

This instrument in itself allows for extremely complex dimensional events to be set up, including elements relating to pitch, timbre, time, duration, rhythm, harmony, reverberation, stereo location and the like. Continue reading

Being John Carpenter

Sunday Synth Jam: Ben Edwards, aka Benge, channels his inner John Carpenter, improvising some analog retronica.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Sometimes I get the urge to pretend I am in the studio in 1980 making a horror movie soundtrack. Luckily I have a studio full of old equipment so this is not a problem.

Here I am on the Moog Modular, Linn LM1, Oberheim 4-Voice (via Moog Phaser), all going through the MCI 416b console, with a bit of EMT plate reverb for good measure

Benge Rereleasing Twenty Systems – A Musical Tour Of Classic Synths

twenty-systems-bengeElectronica artist and Expanding Records founder Ben Edwards, aka Benge, has announced the upcoming re-release of Twenty Systems, a 2008 album featuring 20 tracks made on 20 synthesizers spanning 20 years.

The project combines an audio CD of original music with a hardbound full color book, containing photos and diagrams of the electronic instruments used, along with a  history documenting the development of synthesizers between 1968 and 1988.

The goal for the record is “to demonstrate the development of the synthesizer from the first commercially available systems in the late 1960s to the introduction of fully digital systems in the late 1980s. Although not intended to be a comprehensive history of synthesizers, the listener will hopefully gain some insight into the character of each instrument, and on a more general level experience the evolving sound of synthesis over the years.”

It’s available via Amazon (Its release date is July 23, 2013; it’s now available as a pre-order.)

Free Music From Benge – Rebisus

Free Music Friday: Synthesist Benge (Ben Edwards) has released a new EP of electronic music, Rebisus, using a ‘name your price’ model.

Here’s what he has to say about Rebisus:

Presented here are five new pieces of music exploring the relationship between an electronic system of some complexity (details below) and simple pulse based compositions. The various instruments were set up in such a way as to be considered one large interactive system and the individual pieces were thereby ‘grown’ or allowed to form naturally.

Continue reading