Space Music Synth Jam – Bruno Ender Lee’s ‘Saturn’

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Bruno Ender Lee, captures a live studio performance of Saturn – a space music/Berlin School synth jam.

Lee’s composition starts of exploring drones and lush pads, then travels into Berlin School sequenced territory.  Continue reading

Berlin Sector, ‘The Softer Side Of The Bass Station II’

Novation-Bass-Station-IISunday Synth Jam: In this track, reader Daniel Davis (aka Carl Sagan’s Ghost) explores “the softer side of the Bass Station II.”

Berlin Sector is a sublime trip into classic Berlin School/space music territory.

The instrumental features two tracks of Bass Station II, recorded into Ableton Live 9, w/ reverb from the Zoom MS-70CDR and delay from the Digitech Timebender: Continue reading