Bleep Labs Intros Rad-Fi Synth Kits


Today, Bleep Labs opened up pre-ordering for a new breadboard audio electronics development system, which they’re calling Rad-Fi.

The Rad-Fi system is a collection of audio electronics kits that work independently or together, are “super mod-able,” and that teach the fundamentals of making analog and digital electronic devices.

The initial set of kits include the Rad-Fi Base; Glitch Delay; and the Patchable Synthesizer.

Bleep Labs explain the new offerings this way: “The idea is to make some kits that wouldn’t work well as finished PCBs and also teach people how to make their own analog and digital electronics on the way.”
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Bleep Labs 3TrinsRGB+1c Review -‘Serious Video Synthesis Experimental Exploration Fun’

This video, via ISOTROPOSPHERE, is a user review of the Bleep Labs 3TrinsRGB+1c Analog Audio/Video Synthesizer.

The 3TrinsRGB+1c is an analog audio/video synthesizer/effect designed by Gieskes. On it’s own it can produce A/V insanity with its built-in, patchable, waveshape adjustable, analog oscillators.

With external audio, CV, and video signals, the 3trinsRGB becomes ‘a gateway to the video hyperverse.’ Continue reading

Dr Bleep’s Bleep Drum Module Coming To littleBits

bleep-labs-bleepdrumlittleBits has announced that Dr Bleep’s Bleep Drum will make it to production, as part of their modular building system.

The Bleep Drum is a lo-fi Arduino-based drum machine. The littleBits module version can be triggered from any changing signal, like the output from an oscillator, sequencer, or even a simple button.  Continue reading

Bleep Labs’ BleepDrum In LittleBits BitLab Vote

LittleBits Electronics recently debuted their bitLab where users, prototypers, and designers can submit their idea for what the company should manufacture next.

LittleBits eCommerce Manager Phil DeGisi explains, “If the module gets enough votes from our community, we review it, and in many cases will manufacture it. If we manufacture it, the module designer gets 10% of the revenue. We like to say that it’s the app store for hardware.”

One bitLab submission that may be of particular interest to Synthtopia readers is The Bleep Drum by Austin, Texas-based Bleep Labs.

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The Bleep Drum + MIDI Drum Module


Bleep Labs has released the Bleep Drum + MIDI, a new version of their Bleep Drum module, with full MIDI control.

Now you can trigger the four samples, toggle noise and reverse modes, as well as change the pitch of all four samples with any device that can send MIDI.

Retrofit kits are also available to upgrade any previous Bleep or Dam Drum. Continue reading

Build A DIY Drum Machine, The Bleep Drum, For $60


Bleep Labs has released the Bleep Drum – a $60 DIY drum machine kit.

The Bleep Drum is an Arduino based ‘lo-fi rad-fi drum machine’, designed by Dr. Bleep. It’s designed to be a standalone device, but has a step input for the sequencer and individual trigger inputs available on the board.  Continue reading