Borderlands Granular Synthesizer For iPad Now Available

Developer Chris Carlson has released Borderlands Granular – a new musical instrument for the iPad.

Borderlands Granular is designed to let you explore, touch, and transform sound with granular synthesis, a technique that involves the superposition of small fragments of sound, or grains, to create complex, evolving timbres and textures.

Here’s an example of Borderland Granular in action:

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7 Upcoming iPad Music Apps To Watch For

waldorf ipad synthesizerPalm Sounds has published a ‘waiting list‘ of music apps for the iPad that have been announced, but haven’t been released yet.

Among the new apps are seven that look like they will bring some fairly deep capabilities to the platform:

  1. AudioBus – promises to let you route and mix audio between iOS applications
  2. Akai MPC Fly  – a virtual MPC workstation for the ipad
  3. Borderlands – a new take on granular synthesis
  4. Csound Touch – a multitouch version of the Csound computer music language
  5. Impakton – an acoustically controlled, physical modeling percussion synth
  6. PPG WaveGenerator – a new wavetable synth, created by Wolfgang Palm
  7. Waldorf NWave – another wavetable synthesizer, inspired by the early PPG synths

It seems like not only is the number of new music apps being announced for the iPad growing, but the caliber of apps is improving, too.

Are there any apps you’re looking out for?