Erica Synths Acidbox VCF (Polivoks Clone) Now Available


Erica Synths let us know that their Acidbox VCF is now available.

The Acidbox VCF is a Polivoks VCF clone, using original Russian ICs in the sound circuit. It is enhanced with a versatile syncable tap tempo LFO.

The demo below explores using the filter with the Korg Volca Bass and Volca Beats: Continue reading

The Folktek Euphonos Field Synthesizer


The Folktek Euphonos Field synthesizer is a unique boutique synthesizer that features touch-based synthesis and spectacular oak and brass construction.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Euphonos Field features touch based synthesis, synth trigger section, thick reverberation, filteration, delay and looping and two sequencers. All patching can be done on board with included patch cables and all modules have 1/4″ ins and outs to send to/from external gear.

The sound patching can be arranged however the player likes. ie; synthesis > reverb >delay/loop >filter. Each panel has Control Voltage to be accepted from the sequencers or from any external CV covering the synth pitch, synth triggering, filter frequency, on/off of reverb or delay, delay time and loop capture.

Loops can be captured in time with the sequencers (which can be synchronized to each other optionally or synched to external clocks) and both the delay and reverb decay when turned off.

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The TRAX RetroWave MIDI-Controlled Analogue Synthesizer

YouTube Preview Image

The TRAX RetroWave is an analog desktop monosynth, designed for musicians ‘who want the warmth and raw power of classic analogue sound, created by a real analogue instrument, as opposed to a digital system or computer emulation’.


  • True analogue oscillators, filter, sample and hold, noise generator, VCA and signal path
  • Log VCO with square, ramp, triangle and sine outputs, and PWM control of square wave
  • 24dB/octave, 4-pole lowpass filter with oscillator function, log response
  • Two triangle and square Low Frequency Oscillators with waveshape controls
  • Built-in MIDI to CV unit, with 5V gate and velocity output, 1V/octave CV response
  • Built-in overdrive circuit for epic distortion effects
  • No menus, no software, just switch on and play
  • Supplied with 1/4″ patch and output jack leads

The TRAX RetroWave is a boutique synth and is available in limited quantities, via eBay, priced at GBP 325.00 (Approx. US $525).

If you’ve used the TRAX RetroWave – leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

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MacBeth Micromac-r + ‘Vaporware’ Stylus Controller

YouTube Preview Image

Saturday Synth Porn: MacBeth Studio Systems’ Ken MacBeth shared this video demo, featuring his new Micromac-r synthesizer and a new stylus controller/synth that he is currently developing.

If that’s not enough Scottish synth action for you, MacBeth also announced via his Facebook page, that he’s received the first batch of 100 factory-built Micromac-r synths – and it looks like he’s got synths stacked to the ceiling:

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New Hard Soft Synth Offers “15 Modes Of Audio/Video Excellence”

Bleep Labs Hard Soft Synthesizer

Bleep Labs has introduced the new Hard Soft Synth 3jb, a audio + video synthesizer.

The HSS3jb features 15 modes of audio/video excellence, each with 4-5 variables of control. There are also 8 video only modes designed for use with the trigger and audio inputs. An adjustable analog filter keeps everything smooth (or as gnarly as you’d like).

Here’s a video demo of the Hard Soft Synth 3jb:

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