Free Music Friday: Korg MicroSampler Experimental Electronica

Free Music Friday: Reader Jono Wise sent word about a free EP created primarily with the Korg MicroSampler.

Here’s what Wise has to say about the release, inVALID INvalidE.P.:

I recorded various sounds into the Microsampler, often making use of the 6k lofi mode, after this the tracks were played live into Ableton live, some tracks make use of post processing and overdubs, other tracks were pretty much just printed to audio, compression added and thats it.

The Tracks all come from one Bank on the microsampler that I recorded and are based on one central theme and variations on that. It was an interesting experiment in using the same music ideas and sounds for more than one track.

How To Make Glitch Drums & Breaks

YouTube Preview Image

The latest tutorial video, via ohdratdigital, takes a look at how to make glitch drums and breaks:

This week’s video is all about how to create glitch drums and breaks, from subtle reworking all the way to Aphex Twin and Squarepusher style craziness!

For the download links to the plugins used in the tutorial, see the OD site.

Using An Xbox 360 Controller With Reaktor

YouTube Preview Image

This video demos using an XBox 360 controller with Reaktor:

Take a copy of glove pie, an x box controller and a copy midi yoke and a copy of Reaktor and your away.

Glove pie converts any inout to any output, in the case x box controller signals to midi signals, midi yoke then routes this into reaktor and a sample synth type machine built in there does the rest.

left analogue stick controls the synth pitch, buttons fire various one shot samples, operate gates for oscisllators or trigger a loop, the right analogue stick controllers a filter.

This is a nice demo of what you can do, reusing mass produced gear for music – and also that using it to make msuic is a lot harder than Rockband.

via What Would The Captain Do?, myredhotcar