Camel Audio Announces Alchemy Mobile v2.3

Camel Audio has released Alchemy Mobile v2.3 which contains some significant additions to the Pro version of their free Alchemy Mobile iOS app.

With the Pro version users are now able to create their own presets using samples imported from Dropbox, iTunes, other apps or any of the samples available in Alchemy Mobile’s sound libraries. Continue reading

AIR Releases Gigantic, Multi-Developer ‘Advance Music Production Suite’

AIR Music Technology has introduced the Advance Music Production Suite, a comprehensive collection of virtual instruments, effects, sample packs, and production resources pre-loaded on a 500GB hard drive.

A collaborative effort involving over a dozen developers, this wide-ranging collection offers > $5,000.00 worth of professional-grade music software, samples, and subscriptions to DAW users.

The Advance Music Production Suite features over two dozen virtual instruments, more than 15 effect plug-in processors, and over 15 sample packs, enabling musicians to compose, produce, mix, and master music with their DAW of choice.
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Camel Audio Releases Minimal Techno For Alchemy

camel_audio_MinimalTechno-MediumSample library maker Camel Audio has released its new Minimal Techno library, which consists of “stripped down, unrelenting grooves, processed electronic drum kits, and deep basses with soul. Featuring modwheel-scanned and tempo-synced loops, chordal and sequenced synth stabs, noise hits and sweeps, all with extensive remix variations for
real-time performance.”

Minimal Techno features 75 presets and 264MB of new samples, including “classic” 808 and 909 samples for drum kits and 101 and 303 acid bass lines, plus a selection of “tightly-edited micro kits, a host of essential grooves, and plenty of inventive effects to create your own minimal moods.” Continue reading

Camel Audio Announces Alchemy Mobile 2.0 For iOS

Camel Audio has released an updated version of their Alchemy Mobile for the iPad and iPhone. Alchemy Mobile the iOS version of Camel Audio’s Mac/PC Alchemy synth.

Alchemy-Mobile-v2-iPad-2Alchemy Mobile v2 is a major update to Camel Audio’s iOS synthesiser for your iPad/iPhone. The update features drum pads and a new 4-Track Sequencer for “intuitive song creation.” Camel Audio have also added Audiobus support so you can integrate Alchemy with your mobile studio.

A Pro Upgrade to the app allows the user to save songs and comes loaded with extra sounds and songs to remix. The Pro Upgrade is available as an in-app purchase for 14.99 USD / 11.99 EUR / 10.49 GBP.

Here’s an overview video of the product’s features: Continue reading

Camel Audio Releases Alchemy v1.5 – Here’s What’s New

YouTube Preview Image

Camel Audio has released Alchemy v1.5, a major update to its sample manipulation synthesizer.

Alchemy v1.5 iintroduces a fully-featured preset browser, over 1000 presets, faster loading times, improved remote control from the Alchemy iOS app and other enhancements.

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Alchemy Mobile For iPad On The Sonic Touch Show

YouTube Preview Image

The Sonic Touch podcast takes a look at Alchemy Mobile from Camel Audio:

Gaz appears to have fallen in love with the wide range of sounds it can offer as a standalone App and the integration with the desktop version is impressive.

Along the way, Gaz WIlliams offers a great introduction to Alchemy Mobile, with lots of sound demos.

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Numerology 3.1 Now Available – Here’s What’s New

Five12 has released an update to Numerology, the modular sequencing and audio plugin environment for Mac OS X.

Employing discrete sequencing techniques, powerful signal processing, Audio Unit (AU) hosting, advanced signal routing, and unmatched modulation capabilities, Numerology is designed to combine pure brute “in-studio” strength with agile “live performance” response and finesse for musicians, composers, sound designers, and sample artists. Continue reading

Camel Audio Intros Ian Boddy: Analogica

Ian Boddy AnalogicaCamel Audio has released the Ian Boddy: Analogica Sound Library for Alchemy and Alchemy Player.

Here’s what they have to say about the new sound library:

Ian Boddy: Analogica is a rich marriage of classic synths and Alchemy’s sophisticated digital manipulation. Created in a studio crammed with analogue hardware, enjoy a host of unique effects from shimmering ring mod and FM soundscapes, gently flanging pads, darting & weaving arpeggios, rich and squelchy Minimoog basses to subtle wavetable movement, gritty, growling hard sync and walls of modular madness.

Ian Boddy: Analogica features over 800MB of new sounds from a drool-worthy synth collection including modular setups from Analogue Systems, Doepfer, Roland and Serge, and classics such as the VCS3, Minimoog and Moog Voyager. Ian Boddy has been at the forefront of the UK Electronic scene since 1983, with a formidable reputation as a sound designer, and a host of album and sample CD credits.

Ian Boddy: Analogica contains 150 presets and works as a standalone instrument when used with the included Alchemy Player

Ian Boddy: Anologica is priced at  US $59. See the Camel Audio site for audio samples